What to Eat in Mount Abu

It is easier to find international cuisine restaurants in and around Mount Abu. What is the point of visiting an exotic location if you do not try their local cuisine? Mount Abu’s cuisine is not far too different than Rajasthani cuisine. You can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines in this region. The best way to try the local cuisine is by ordering the traditional Rajasthani thali. This is a dish that is served with small portions of 15 or 20 dishes including desserts and local beverage.

Due to the climatic condition of the region, the water content in the dishes is very less and it is replaced with buttermilk or milk. The desert and mountain region does not add more vegetables or fruits to the plate. You can find a lot of beans and lentils that grow lushly in this region and they are important part of the cuisine, too. Top bean based delicacies to enjoy in Mount Abu are Gatte ki Sabzi and pakori. Mutton is the most common meat used in the cuisine.

Also, the Rajasthan soil is good for spice. Top spices to taste here are garlic, mint, turmeric, coriander and others. The local cuisine includes many hot chutney varieties. The most traditional dish to try is Dal Bati Churma, which is loaded with top-quality spices. Other dishes to try are googri, chaavadi, besan Chakki, bail gate, paapasi and others.

When it comes to dessert, the place is famous for desserts made with milk and milk products. Ghewar is the top dish to try here. It is made with wheat flour and ghee. You can find this in almost all restaurants in and around Mount Abu. When it comes to beverage, the common one is sweetened churned curd or lassi. The best variety of lassi to try in Mount Abu is Makhaniya lassi. This lassi is made with yogurt, sugar, homemade cream, cashew, pistachios and saffron. Other styles of beverages to try are aam panna, bael juice, thadai, chacch and others.

If you are planning to pack some desserts as souvenirs, make sure to ask for the shelf life. Most of the dishes are made with milk products and does not stay good for long, unless frozen or chilled.

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