Where to Stay in Mount Abu

Staying in the majestic location and exploring the breathtaking natural wonders along with other mind blowing attractions around the region will surely be a fascinating experience to every traveler. Mount Abu offers a stay that is suitable for various needs of travelers as there are a number of heritage hotels along with budget hotels.

People interested in spending a luxurious holiday can enjoy staying in the lavish hotels that offer great services along with a pleasant stay. Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Jaipur House, Bikaner house, Hotel Sunrise Palace are some of the heritage hotels that are filled with royal furnishings and offer many impressive facilities. All these palaces are the imperial constructions that were built as the summer retreat by kings and rulers and are now places to stay.

Along with these wonderful hotels in this beautiful place there are a few budget friendly hotels that serve people with mesmerizing services. Hotel Lake Palace, Hotel Savera Palace are a few delightful hotels and all these places offer modern amenities and a comfortable stay. Along with all these there are a few government guest houses and other resorts that offer outstanding services assuring a great stay.

Hotel Udaigarh, Hotel Hillock, Ratan Villas, Hotel Maganji’s are a few very good places to stay that serve people with a number of magnificent services.

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