Top Tourist Attractions in Pushkar

Pushkar is very famous among tourists for its culture, history and colors of beauty. This ancient city located in Rajasthan has a handful of attractions to enjoy. Here are the top Places to Visit in Pushkar.

1. Pushkar Lake Bank

This is the place where the famous camel festival takes place. If you visit during the festival, you can find cultural performances, safaris, hot air ballooning, processions and much more. After the festival, this place is a famous spot to enjoy the water, monuments around it and the serene nature. The lake of Pushkar is famous for ritual dipping, offering prayers and other holy activities. Take a walk along the shore of the lake early in the morning to watch the rituals.

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2. Temples of Pushkar

There are quite a lot of temples to visit in Pushkar. Of all, the Lord Brahma temple is the very important one. According to mythology, as a curse, Lord Brahma did not have any temple on Earth. However, there are a few temples around the world for Brahma and one such temple is located in Pushkar. Top temples to cover in Pushkar are Paap Mochini temple, Savitiri temple, Atmeshar temple, Raghunath temple, Mahadeva temple and many more.

Brahma Temple

This temple is made of marble and has unique carvings. This is one of the three Brahma temples of the world. Early morning ritual of the temple is the most significant one and is witnessed by many pilgrims.

Savitri Temple

This temple is located on top of Ratnagiri hill, right behind the temple of Brahma. You need to trek for 30 minutes to reach the temple. The view from the temple and the structure’s beauty are worth the activity. This temple is visited by tourists who love photography.

Apteshwar Temple

This temple is said to be built by Lord Brahma, himself. He built this temple to please Lord Shiva. There are numerous other folklores to this important pilgrimage site.

Varaha Temple

This temple is dedicated to the pig avatar of Lord Vishnu. Most part of this temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb, last Mughal Emperor. This is considered one of the oldest temples of Rajasthan. The markets closer to the temple are worth visiting for souvenir hunting.

Rangji Temple

This is a South Indian styled temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is famous among architectural sightseeing tourists and pilgrims. This temple is closer to the old markets of the city.

Ramavaikunth Temple

This 20th century temple is located closer to Pushkar Lake. This temple is famous for its infusion of South Indian and Rajasthani architecture.

Mahadeva Temple

This temple of 19th century is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has marble statue of Lord Shiva with five faces. The pink columns, wall paintings and glossed flooring are the main attractions of the temple. The temple is filled with carvings and sculptures of various kinds.

3. Merta

This is a 400 year old fortified region containing Meera temple, Dadhimati temple, Raj Palace, Charbhuka temple and other attractions. This city has very strong historic links to mythology. This city is said to be the birthplace of Meera Bai, a devotee of Lord Krishna.

4. Naga Pahar

Nagar Pahar is a hill between Pushkar and Ajmer. It is said that this hill is diminishing day by day. This hill is an important trekking spot to view the entire city of Pushkar from a bird’s eye view. People take spiritual walks, enjoy picnic and photography along the slopes of the hill.

5. Rose Garden

Pushkar is famous for its rose wealth. Visit the rose gardens of the region to explore the field, stroll through the dew-wetted flowers and enjoy a romantic enchanted time. Not all fields are open to tourists. So, find the ones that are available for tourists.

6. Sarafa Market

The best part of visiting a historic spot is the shopping experience. You get to enjoy a lot of unique souvenirs and cultural elements in the city. There are numerous markets in the city of Pushkar. However, the best of all is the Sarafa market. It is famous for ethnic clothing, accessories, handicrafts, camel skin articles, décor items and much more.

7. Kishangarh

This is a small town at the outskirts of Pushkar. This town is famous for large forts and lush marble mines. This is the best place for buying marble articles and souvenirs. The forts of the land are converted into heritage hotels. If you are looking for a luxurious accommodation, these forts are the best option closer to Pushkar. Apart from this, Kishangarh has the nearest domestic airport to Pushkar. A few years back, it would be a tiring three-hour journey from Jaipur to visit Pushkar and surrounding regions. Now, with daily flights from Delhi to Kishangarh airport, you can easily reach Pushkar.

8. Man Mahal

Built by Raja Man Singh, this palace is located closer to the sarovar. This traditional Rajasthani building is an excellent architectural structure. Today, it is a wonderful tourist bungalow. Watching sunset from this palace is an important activity. Camping, camel ride, visit to temples and lake activities are other tourist activities to enjoy in Man Mahal.

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