Top Things To Do in Pushkar

Pushkar has the rare combination of lush forests, scorching dunes and a spirituality-filled lake, around which the entire town’s culture lives. This small town revolves around temples, culture and labyrinth of markets. Apart from the architectural and natural marvels that you can enjoy sightseeing, there are numerous other activities to enjoy in Pushkar. There are the top things to do in Pushkar to enjoy in this quaint town.

1. Hot Air Balloon Riding

This is one of the adventure activities to try in Pushkar. With hot air ballooning, you get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the lake, temple and the entire sacred town. Hot air ballooning is very common during the Pushkar camel fair. Advanced booking is recommended as it is a highly sought activity among tourists and locals. Not many service providers offer this experience. Thus, choose and book as soon as possible.

2. Camel Safari

Pushkar has its roots with camels. If you ever want to enjoy the beauty of the city in the right way, it is by taking a camel ride through the city. You can also explore the desert region on the camel. Riding through sand dunes is a cliché activity of Rajasthan. Choose sunset to enjoy the sky changing its color from red to a mild violet and then dark blue. Many hotels provide drive-in to camel safari spot. A few allows camel safari to start from the doorsteps of the hotel.

3. Pushkar Lake

This is the best place to enjoy the culture of the land. You can find temples conducting rituals, cafés filled with aromatic coffee, local musicians playing on the streets and much more. Walking along the lake by sunset, watching the glittering water is a romantic activity of Pushkar.

3. Jeep Safari

If you were looking to explore the offbeat destinations of the land, visit hidden waterfalls, forts at the outskirts of the town or just explore the sand dunes, a jeep or 4WD would be a refreshing experience.

4. Drive To Ajaypal Ji Temple

The beauty of the temple is an important element. However, the route towards the temple marks the pinnacle of beauty. The route is covered with boulders of marbles, lush forests, sand dunes and occasional villages. The drive will be mesmerizing and beautiful, especially during winter. You can stop for tea and light snacks at any of the shacks; watch local lifestyle of the people and the nature. If you are looking for more adventure, rent a motor bike and ride to the temple. If you want to see the waterfalls, springs and streams on the way, choose late rainy season or early winter season.

5. Aarti at Varah Ghat

You would be familiar with the famous Ganga Aarti of Varanasi. This is a similar lesser-known ritual for the Pushkar Temple. The fragrance of roses, incense sticks, coherent ringing bells and divine ambience gives a spiritual touch to this ritual. The main element of this ritual is to offer prayers to the lake and to let floating earthen lamps on leaf, on the lake. By the end of the ritual, the entire lake will be filled with floating lit oil lamps, which would look like starts on water. This ritual happens every evening by 7 during summer and by 5:30 pm in winters.

6. Take Music Lessons Along The Lake

When you walk along the lake, you will find local musicians playing many instruments. Some of them would provide classes for a negligible charge. If you are staying in Pushkar for a week or two, you can learn to play an exotic instrument.

6. Hiking And Picnic At Ratnagiri Hill

Ratnagiri is an important adventure and spiritual destination. Hiking this small hill is an important activity. If you were an amateur hiker, it would take two hours to reach to the top. Some prefer pitching a spot for picnic and camping and get down the hill before sunset. If two hours of trekking is too much for you, there is a smaller hill on the northern side of the town. This hill holds Gayatri Devi Temple. It would not take more than 45 minutes to reach to the top.

7. Shopping

The old and modern markets of this sacred town is filled with souvenirs like rose products, leather articles, ethnic dresses, silver articles, traditional accessories, bandanas, blue pottery, wooden articles, camel skin articles and much more. Shopping is an important activity to enjoy in this region. Do not forget to bargain here.

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8. Watch Kalbelia Dance Performance

You can find tickets to performances or choose hotels, which provide live cultural programs along with dinner. Kalbelia dance is an important dance form of Rajasthan. The ethnic black dress, their elegant moves and rhythmic music make the dance more appealing.

9. Taste The Street Food Of Pushkar

If you are walking along the market regions, you will find many food vendors selling the local street foods. Top foods to try are banana shakes, paneer paratha, chaat items and so on.

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