Rajasthan Fast Facts

All the major cities of Rajasthan are connected by internal flights from the nearest International port in India’s capital city of Delhi. These cities are also connected by rail. Palace on wheels and Maharaja Express offer you royal luxury on board train. Travel by road within Rajasthan on well laid national highways with linking serpentine roads is comfortable.

Ruled by multiple dynasties since ancient era, Rajasthan has numerous forts and Palaces with distinct architectural style with contrasting architectural styles in Jaipur which accepted the Mughal sovereignty and in Chittor region which kept on fighting the Mughal forces in captivity.

Sand dunes, camel rides, unique artifacts, colourful textiles, lively folk tales and music of Rajasthan besides its round the year festivals and fairs will afford you the exciting experiences. Its huge backpacker footfalls are captivating.

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