Things To Do in Ranakpur

Ranakpur is an incredible religious destination of Rajasthan which is the home of the various ancient temples. Along with the temples the region is known for the peaceful environment, natural beauty and many alluring attractions. There are many things to do in Ranakpur which one must not miss during their visit.

Start exploring the land with ancient temples from the huge marble construction of the Jain temple. The enchanting temple and the artistic beauty of the whole construction will amaze every individual.

Though not a very big region Ranakpur allows travelers to shop and get some of the worthy and traditional Rajasthani goods.

One can enjoy many thrilling outdoor activities during their stay in Ranakpur like trekking, camel and horse riding, jeep safari, wildlife watching and a few more.

One must pay a visit to the Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Desuri and Narlai around Ranakpur as the places are much opulent and impressive. There are a number of temples which make the small and pretty region Ranakpur one of the five holiest places of the Jain community which are to be seen and one can take part in many interesting and thrilling activities.

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