What to Eat in Ranakpur

A small but an impressive destination Ranakpur offers a chance to taste the colorful and stimulating Rajasthani food. The princely state of India, Rajasthan has a very special place for its unique culture, various traditions along with the mouth watering delicacies served in much appealing manner.

Sampling the food in the eateries of Ranakpur will be an unusual experience and one can taste the best Jain food as well as Rajasthani dishes during their stay. Particularly the food served inside the temple is the best Jain cuisine one can ever taste.

Being a pilgrimage destination eating non vegetarian and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in the region, but one can taste various varieties of vegetarian food in numerous restaurants around. Apart from the dishes inside the temple, one can taste the best of Rajasthani cuisine Dal Baati Choorma which is a traditional recipe of Rajasthan. Along with this one can eat many other Rajasthani and North Indian special dishes like Moong Halwa, Rabdi, Ghevar, Khadi and a few more dishes made using the gram flour. Tasting the food at the Maharani Bagh, Ranakpur Hill Resort, Fateh Bagh Hotel are a few marvelous places that offer delicious food at an affordable price.

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