Samode Tour

Explore the incredible beauty of the largest town of the desert state Rajasthan, located in the Shekhawati region near the capital Jaipur. Loaded with various attractions Samode is a beautiful region located in the huge Aravalli ranges.

The beautiful town hosts various attractive sites and is located just a few kilometers away from Jaipur. Founded by Maharaja Jai Singh, the town stands as a symbol of royalty of the Kachawaha Rajputs. All the constructions of the region reveal the art and architecture of the Rajputs and a few constructions are redesigned in Mughal construction styles.

The majority of the haveli, forts and palaces of the region were constructed in the 16th century and later a few were designed with intricate carvings of Muslim architecture. Due to this change all the sites in the region stand as a symbol reflecting a fine blend of Rajput and Mughal art and architecture. Samode was once a rich territory of Rajasthan which belonged to zamindars and they have constructed a few fabulous constructions making the region very special. All the constructions here were constructed hundred years before, but the charm of the buildings and their magnificent appeal never got faded. A few constructions turned in to heritage hotels and the Samode Palace and Samode Garden are the best places around the region that are to be visited by an enthusiast traveler.

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