Shopping in Samode

Located around 42 km away from the majestic city of Jaipur, Samode is an important tourist destination for a peaceful vacation. Although a small village, Samode is an important spot for shopping and sightseeing. There are numerous rural markets in and around Samode famous for unique local artifacts. If you are visiting Samode, you ought to spend a few hours in shopping. You would never regret it.

Things To Buy In Samode

Top expensive souvenirs to buy are fine-cut gems, precious stones, high quality jewelry, artificial accessories, miniature painting and others. Top cheap souvenirs to buy are fabrics, dyed clothing, local attire, handicraft articles, leather items, camel leather articles, wood works and others.

Top Places For Shopping In Samode

Main Bazaar

This is one of the top shopping areas of this village. You can find souvenirs from various parts of the state here. Top things to buy here are dress materials, fabric items, leather articles, accessories and others. In addition, this shopping area is famous for street food and local delicacies. If you wish to buy some delicacies for your friends, ask the vendor about the shelf life. Milk based delicacies are not suitable for long-time storage. Walk along the roads of the market to spot numerous colorful articles on display. Even if you are not interested in shopping, you can visit this market for enjoying local life and photography.

Sekhawathi Region

This is the region for buying artworks. You can find interesting miniature paintings and other art forms. No visit to Samode is complete without a miniature painting purchase. Be careful with locals trying to sell low-quality products or fake items. Buy from authentic shops.

Sada Bazar

This is relatively a small market, which is famous for buying cheap and interesting souvenirs. Top articles to buy here are handicrafts, garments, local attire and colored fabrics.

No matter which country you visit, there is always a bunch of people ready to scam you with cheap products. This is where government shops like handicraft corporations come handy. These handicraft corporation shops are the best places to buy expensive souvenirs like fine-cut stones, paintings, dyed fabrics, delicate handicrafts and others. This is a government-run set with high-quality products.

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