What to Eat in Samode

Among the activities that you ought to try in Samode, cuisine tasting is an important activity. In Samode, it is easier to find international cuisine. Vacation is all about creating experience. What experience can you gain by eating the same burger throughout your vacation? Try the local cuisine of the land and you would not regret it. Find here about What to Eat in Samode

Top Places to Enjoy Luxury Dining

Samode Palace Restaurant

People usually stay for lunch after enjoy sightseeing in the palace. The royals gave importance to the décor of the dining area as much as the taste of the food. You can enjoy intricate designs, mural painting, vintage furniture and much more in the dining area. You ought to try the marinated lamb leg of this restaurant.

Dishes to try : Top dishes to try are laalmaas, dhal makhani, watermelon feta salad and desserts

Samode Haveli Restaurant

This is another luxury destination to enjoy in Samode. This historic dining room will add more beauty to your dining experience. You can enjoy authentic Rajasthani cuisine here.

Dishes to try : Top dishes to try are shrimp, laalmaas and fresh salads

Street Food in Samode

Top places to enjoy street food are the markets. Visit the flower market, vegetable market and other local market region during evening to enjoy local street food. Top items to try are:

  • Samosa
  • Jalebi
  • Local Chai
  • Kachori
  • Ghevar
  • Moon Dal Halva

Top Authentic Samode dishes to try during your stay

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is made into salad, fritters and other dishes and it is an original Samode recipe found in luxury restaurants.

Banana flower – Try dishes made with banana flower (both raw and cooked). Banana has a dark pink massive flower which is used or cooking in this region

Mango Kadhi – This is a yogurt gravy made with cheese dumplings and spicy mango base.

Rajasthani Thali – This is a combination dish where a small quality of various dishes of Rajasthani cuisine is served in a large plate. This will help you enjoy many dishes of the cuisine during one meal.

Laal maas – A spicy dish of lamb made with rich infusion of local spices

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