Sariska Tours

Travelers with an interest to spend a holiday seeing the wildlife along with other attractions need to step in the most alluring destination of Rajasthan Sariska. Most popularly known for the Tiger Reserve, Sariska is a small region located in the Alwar District.

Located near Jaipur in the Alwar district Sariska is a land known for exceptionally beautiful locations and valleys filled with lush green trees. The vast forest of the region became a national park and a tiger reserve as one can see Indian tigers safely in their natural habitat. The entire region was initially the hunting area of the royal families and now became the wildlife sanctuary in 1955 a recognized place for animal protection.

The region hosts a great history and even has traces of constructions belonging to the 10th and 11th centuries. Along with these historic constructions the region has a legend saying that Pandavas lived here, during which Bhimasena lost with Hanuman in a wrestling match. Apart from the legendary and mythological stories the region Sariska hosts an architectural marvel Sariska Palace along with other alluring constructions.

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