Top Tourist Attractions in Sariska

For wildlife enthusiasts, Sariska region is a wonderful spot in Alwar district. Sariska is a popular tourist spot in Rajasthan for natural attractions, historical forts, and constructions. Apart from wildlife attractions, there is a lot to seek in Sariska. Simply, Sariska is a serene and tranquil tourist spot in Rajasthan with a pleasing and pleasant environment. In olden days, Sariska was a summer retreat for Rajputs of Alwar. Such a pleasant and tranquil place.

Let's start exploring the beautiful places you should visit in Sariska Tour. Read here about Top Places to Visit in Sariska.

1. Sariska National Tiger Reserve

Sariska National Tiger Reserve is a wonderful place to visit in Sariska settled amid the Aravalli hills and covered by dry deciduous forests and rocky terrains. During the times of Kings, this place was a hunting place for Royal families. Later in 1971, the area was recognized as Tiger Reserve.

Medieval temples and some historical ruins of the National Park are the major tourist attractions. As the name depicts, here you can see tigers and other wildlife attractions of the park are Leopard, Chital, Wild boar, Langur, Sand Grouse, crested serpent eagles, golden-backed woodpeckers, etc. A visit to this national park is the must do thing.

2. Siliserh Lake

Siliserh Lake is a serene and beautiful artificial lake commissioned by Maharaja Vinay Singh. This lake in Sariska is the major tourist attraction point. Here the natural attractions of the lake attract every attention towards it. Siliserh Lake is very close to the Sariska National Park that’s why the glory and charm of the lake get double.

The major attraction of this lake is Sariska Palace on a small hillock. Once this palace was a hunting lodge to Royal families but now this Palace was converted into a heritage hotel. Due to close to the national park, here you can see crocodiles, snakes, and birds etc. However, after enjoying all the attractions of the lake don’t forget to go for a boat ride on the lake.

3. Sariska Palace

The Palace set amid the Siliserh Lake and Sariska National Park is a great place to visit in Sariska. Sariska Palace was once a hunting lodge to royal families. This architect marvel piece was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. At present, this Palace is a 5-star heritage hotel.

The architectural styles of this Palace nowhere can be seen in whole Sariska such a unique and marvelous Palace. The large greenery landscapes of the Palace and the thick forests around and the beauty of the Palace attract everyone to visit it. Simply, to enjoy the scenic and natural attractions of Siliserh lake and Sariska national park means you have to stay in this Palace.

4. Kankawadi Fort

Kankawadi Fort is the most historical fort in Sariska, This fort was located inside the Sariska National Park amid lush greenery. This fort was almost ruined because it was completely neglected. Even though it was ruined but it receives a large number of tourists to see the Rajasthani architectural styles.

Apart from architectural styles, this fort is very famous for greenery around the fort. Due to located in the National Park, this fort is completely surrounded by lush greenery thick forests. This greenery attractions around the fort also attract tourists to visit this place. View from the top of the fort is the best thing to do here for captivating views of Sariska.

5. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort is a haunted place very close to Sariska. For thrillers, this place is the best one to experience. In the whole of Asia, this fort was recognized as the most haunted place. Such a dangerous and creepy area. This fort was an evidence of beautiful architectural styles of Mughals and this fort was built by Madho Singh.

If you go to town and ask the story of this fort means locals will explain different stories. But the most relevant and more times heard story of this fort is a black magician of this town wanted the queen to make his own with his wicked tricks. But the queen got known and killed him. That magician cursed the place. This is the story behind the fort.

An important note of this fort is after sunset no one will be allowed to this fort. Even ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) strictly prohibited this area not to allow after 6 pm.

6. Hanuman Temple of Pandupol

This temple is very famous in Sariska, located inside the Sariska National Park. For this temple, there are many myth stories. According to history, here Pandavas had spent some days during their exile and built this temple to Lord Hanuman. Apart from stories, this temple is the most crowded temple in Sariska wildlife region.

The major attraction of this temple is the large idol structure of Lord Hanuman. Here you can see different types of monkeys like langurs and macaques. Hanuman Temple is also a must-visit place in Sariska.

7. Naldeshwar Shrine

Naldeshwar Shrine near to Sariska is a marvelous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is carved out from caves. The importance of this temple is Shiva lingam in the temple is naturally formed. This temple history date backs to the 18 th century. Naldeshwar shrine is very popular in whole Alwar.

For natural attractions also this place is very popular. At this temple, two ponds will be there with flowing water from the hills. Surroundings of this temple will be very pleasant and tranquil. Naldeshwar shrine is another wonderful tourist attraction near Sariska National Park.

8. Neelkantha Temple

Neelkantha temple is another historical architect marvel temple located inside the Sariska National Park. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and most of the temple was ruined. The architectural styles of this temple attract everyone to visit this temple.

Even though it was ruined, the temple receives a large number of devotees. The major architectural styles of this temples Rangamandapam and detailed carvings of different sculptures like surasundaris, dikpala, and gandharvas, etc. Neelkantha temple is also a must-visit place to experience beautiful architectural styles.

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