Shopping in Sariska

This Rajasthan destination is not just for those who want to spot tigers. Yes, the Sariska tiger reserve is the top tourist attraction of the region, but not the only one. Located more than 100 km away from Jaipur, this place is famous for numerous attractions and activities, including shopping. However, shopping regions are not very common in and around Sariska. You ought to try a little away from Sariska, in other parts of Alwar district.

If you are visiting Sariska, You ought to buy certain unique souvenirs that might not be found, elsewhere.

Kagzi Pottery

This is a local traditional pottery made out of paper-thin element. This colored pottery has intricate pattern and design that makes it, a great showpiece item. In addition, it helps to keep water very cool. This itemis found in numerous handicraft stores in Alwar, around Sariska.

Designer Jewelry

Alwar style designer jewelry is for those who love heavy and antique jewelry. It is very commonly found in Malakhers bazaar, Saraf bazaar, Bazaza market and much more. You can find these jewelries with simple stones and semi-precious stones lined with silver. If you are not sure about the quality of the gems or the product, stick with simple and cheap souvenirs.


Apart from costly jewelry, you can find handicraft accessories like coconut shell bangles, glass bangles, brass jewelry and others in numerous markets of Alwar.


Handicraft is an important cultural element of this land. You can find many delicate figurines, marble statues, brass items, carpets, paper mache items, woodcraft items, antiques and much more, which can decorate your hall.

Kalakand is an important delicacy that is worthy souvenir. However, do not buy if you are not sure about the shelf life. Some products are sold in jars, preserved for long distance traveling and storage without fridge. While, the fresh kalakand cannot be stored for long without chilled environment. Always haggle before you buy any product. The vendors increase the margin by several folds when they see a foreigner. Choose government emporium and craft shops to buy authentic products.

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