Things To Do in Sariska

Most of the people assume Sariska to be a national park in Rajasthan. In fact, Sariska is a town and the tiger reserve is a part of the attractions in this small town. It is covered on one side by Aravalli hills and is granted with lush vegetation. This is the home to temples, monuments and Bengal tigers. Are you looking for things to do in Sariska? Do not get daunted that the only attraction here is the sanctuary. There are numerous things to do and we are providing you the top things to do and experience here, including the sanctuary.

1. Sariska Wildlife sanctuary

The iconic attraction of this place is the sanctuary. This forest region is famous for its thriving population of Bengal Tigers. Apart from the national animal, you can spot jackals, hyena, jungle cat, wild boar, monkey, deer, Indian leopard and others. The area also houses numerous bird species, which can be spotted during sunrise or sunset. Top birds to spot are Indian eagle owl, golden-backed woodpecker, whitethroat kingfisher, grey partridge, Indian peafowl and many others. Within the sanctuary border, you can spot a space research center, Hanuman temple, Kankwadi fort of 16th century, Sariska Palace, Bhangarh ruins and much more. The park is closed From July to end of September. Plan accordingly.

2. Kalighati

This is a small village located near the entrance of the wildlife sanctuary. This area is famous for driving amidst lush forest and for spotting panthers and tigers. Horn is not allowed and the car is expected to stay within the speed allocated within the region. You can easily spot many animals during this ride. The route open by 6 in the morning and this is the best time to scale the place as spotting animals is easier during early morning. Vehicles are not allowed to be on the route after 6 in the evening.

3. Siliserh Lake

This lake is a little away from Sariska. Boating and fishing are available in this lake during tourism season. At the edge of the lake, you can spot a lake palace of 19th century, which is open for tourist accommodation. The palace is also famous for its architecture and historic factors. The lake is famous for birdwatching too. It is also home to many species of snakes and crocodiles. If you choose to visit during winter season, you can spot many migration birds.

4. Bhartrihari Temple

This is a Hindu holy spot for rituals, meditation and yoga. If you visit during early winter, the place will be lush and aesthetically pleasing due to the lush vegetation. This temple is located 30 km away from tiger reserve. The architecture of the temple is ancient Rajasthani style. The temple holds the resting place of Yogi Bhartrihari Nath, a local spiritual leader.

5. Paratapgarh Fort

Located close to the tiger reserve, this historic place is located in the countryside of Pratapgrah Town. This fort stands on a small hilltop. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to climb the mountain in a vehicle. Also called as the Valor Fort, this is an important day-trip from the tiger reserve. Some people trek through the forest region to reach the fort. You can spot a lot of buildings and a temple inside the fort. The armor used by the king of the fort during battle is found in a display right outside the temple.

6. Naldeshwar Shrine

This Hindu temple is dedicated to destroyer Lord Shiva. The architecture and the location of the temple are marvelous and picture perfect. Beyond the sightseeing factor, the temple is famous for adventure activity too. The temple is located on the highway of Sariska - Alwar route. However, vehicles cannot reach the temple. Tourists have to take up forest trekking expedition to reach the temple. The trekking route is simple and rich with scenic tranquility.

Top Activities To Enjoy In Sariska

  • Historic sightseeing at temples, forts and palaces.
  • Visit to the tiger reserve for jeep safari
  • Enjoy boating on the lake
  • Visit Pandupole, a waterfall inside Sariska national park
  • Stay in wildlife resort to be close to nature and technology
  • Visit the haunted Bhangarh fort inside the tiger reserve. There are numerous haunting stories about the fort and the fort is not open to tourists beyond sunset.

Summer is best for wildlife attractions and winter is best for sightseeing. Do not choose rainy season as the reserve will be closed and most of the trekking routes will be banned due to slippery ground.

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