Top Tourist Attractions in Shekhawati

The marvelous destination in the desert region, which has a great historical significance, is the magnificent city Shekhawati. This region is the home of the beautifully painted havelis along with the palaces and forts that have amazingly carved windows and many other features. Each and every construction reveals the taste of the people along with their wealth. Tejpal Jhunjhunu Ki Haveli, Khetan Haveli, Banarshi Das Haveli, Ram Marodia Ka Talab, Jokhi Ram's Well are a few interesting places around the region.

The Mandawa Fort, Mukunsgarh Fort, Dundlord Fort are a few forts that have a very large courtyard, majestic paintings, colored glass windows and the finest architectural style. The amazing construction style of the Shekwat Rajputs and Marwari traders is to be seen in this territory that is rich in heritage.

Sikar, Khandela, Khetri, Fatehpur, Chirawa, Bagar are other cultural attractions around the colorful region. Raghunath Temple, The Sikar Fort, Bhopagarh Fort, Sukh Mahal are some of the best places of the region.

Another alluring attraction of the classic place is the fresco wall paintings which consist of local legends, the daily lives of local people, and scenes of mythology stories. Along with these entire attractions one must also see the Ramgarh, Mahansar, and Bissau which has a few good sites.

Chhatri of Hammir Singh, Haveli of Girdarilal Sigtia, Sahaj Ram Poddar Chhatri, Sona Ki Dukan Haveli, Biharji Temple, and Narsingh Das Tiberwala Haveli are some of the worthy places that are to be seen during the visit.

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