Things To Do in Shekhawati

The whole region of Shekhawati offers a great time to every traveler as there are numerous attractions and one can take part in various activities. The region of Shekhawati consists of a few small towns that are filled with many attractive constructions. One can enjoy seeing the whole region by taking a jeep safari which offers a chance to see various things closely.

Apart from such fun one can see all major attractions around the region, including the finely painted haveli, medieval constructions, holy sites and many more in all the nearby towns of Shekhawati.

One must not miss seeing the beauty of the vibrant Rajputana region during the celebration of the famous Shekhawati festival as the whole place turns to be more colorful and bustling.

Also during the time of the Gangaur and Teej, the Shekhawati region amazes people with its exceptional beauty. All the festivals as celebrated as a mark of tradition and the grand mansion turn to be much more appealing during the festivals.

Shopaholics must not miss shopping in the marvelous destination as one can buy innumerable goods including Rajasthani paintings, dyed fabrics, wooden carvings and many more.

Along with the entire entertaining activities one can even enjoy seeing the world famous fresco paintings in the havelis, forts, castles, horse safaris and can even see a number of statues of war heroes in the city as a number of soldiers of Indian Army belong to this region.

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