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What to Eat in Udaipur

A foodie can have a wonderful experience tasting the unique Udaipur cuisine and enjoy sightseeing other fabulous attractions. Starting from the snack treats, desserts till heavy dishes in the menu everything available here is a royal retreat. 

The mystical city in the most cultured state Rajasthan serves typical Rajasthani dishes that are spicy and at the same time one cannot miss tasting the sweet treats. Both vegetarians and non veg loving people can taste a few delicacies that are exclusively prepared in the city.

Food served at the Palki Khanna, Ambrai Restaurant, Natraj Thali, Garden Palace Restaurant fills the appetite and offers a pleasant dining experience. Sampling the dishes like Daal Baati, Kadji, Baajre ki Roti seeing the stunning view of the striking city filled with great architecture wonders will become a memorable holiday.  The royal approach in the restaurants will allow one to taste a great food stuff and the Rajasthani thali filled with lip smacking dishes is served hot everywhere. Along with all these the unbeatable taste of the Lala Ki Kachori, Delhi Gate Ki Jalebi, Bharwadi Falafils, and Ayad Ka Samosa are the local and street food which is much renowned. All these varied dishes will electrify the taste buds of every traveler whoever visits the gorgeous destination Udaipur.

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