Bangkok - A Large City Known for Ornate Shrines

Bangkok has its vibes! Its chaotic streets, amazing nightlife, and uninterrupted fun is something to explore for every traveler. It is a vibrant and bustling city that fills every visitor with loads of fun, excitement, and enthusiasm.  So what’s one thing that makes it different from other travel destinations? Dive deep into the panoramic locations and sights that rejuvenate your minds. Embrace every moment in this cultural city adorned with huge skyscrapers and chaotic, lively street markets!

Give yourself a luxurious flamboyance at this wonderful place where every bit, from architectural spots to the Buddhist temples and old spirit houses, is worth a sight! Bangkok is an epitome of contrasting places and turbo-charged, loud, and at the same time peaceful locations. Some colorful shopping spree in the streets makes you lost to their rhythm. But, on the contrary, there are serene temples where you could sense the deepest sound of your soul.

Once you visit this place, there is a lot to explore over here that suits the choice of any individual backpacker or family. The entire city has endless options to enjoy, eat, drink and roam to the seamless boundaries.

Whether it is the wildlife, temples, or shopping streets, Bangkok is every traveler’s dream destination and perfect for all those who desire to plan a perfect trip! So bask in bright sun-kissed beaches and explore the undefeated architectural marvels of the spectacular city in Thailand with the help of this guide.

Must-See Attractions and Things to do in Bangkok!

  1. The Royal Elephant Museum- Elephants hold a unique significance in Thai people's lives. The epitome of architecture is this wonderful museum situated at the parliament compound and is a visual treat for the spectators of the largest land animals. In addition, it is a firm belief that elephants offer active participation in several religious ceremonies. You can visit this museum in the hours between 9.30 am to 4 pm.
  1. Floating market- Tourists arriving in Bangkok cannot miss out on the heart of this city, a floating market that is an abode to everyone visiting here. For a complete tour to this place, travelers need to spare half a day and then leave early during the morning hours. It’s not just a great place for shopping, but even for editing and photography, it serves as a wonderful location!
  1. Hop to the temples- The Thai history is indeed rich, and uniquely styles temples embark the galore of the Thai culture and old traditions. You need a day to visit different temples located here, and exploring their layouts is indeed a blissful experience. The Wat Po, Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and the Temple of Dawn are some attractions to tick in your itineraries.
  1. Shop till you drop- Bangkok is also a center to several malls and exclusive spots where you can buy cool stuff at very competitive rates. For example, Siam Paragon is a great hub to check out designer clothes, and Terminal 21 is a great option for the stunning international-themed décor. Platinum is another spot to buy trendy clothes, while MBK and Pantip are cool spots to grab cheap electronic items.
  1. Hang out with friends at Khao San Road- It is indeed a very popular street for tourists in Bangkok. Apart from being a great transit hub for travelers, it is also quite popular for scrumptious food options, street shopping stalls, and other activities that grab your interest at sight.
  1. Visit the Golden Mount Temple- At a small distance from the Khao San Road, there is a Golden Mount temple where you can spot structures that resemble Buddhist relics. Its stunning setup and amazing views from the city make it a wonderful option for many. Entry to this place is free.
  1. Day trip to Ayutthaya- Near Bangkok, you can explore the old capital, which is also home to the summer palace and several breathtaking temples. Since 1991, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a renowned spot for day tours. You can also travel to this place by train.
  1. Catch up on amazing live performances at Patravadi- Capture the mesmerizing sight of Thai artists at the theatre of Patravadi, where dance, acrobatics, drumming shows, and other activities are held all the time.
  1. Enjoy the Nightlife- Coming Bangkok is all about fun, entertainment, and enjoyment! Silom and Khao San Road are two popular spots with several street bars and clubs to revive yourself. Its probably the time to slow down and groove to the rhythm of wonderful sights of the nightlife here.
  1. Foods to relish in Chinatown- Fanatics of this place also term it a paradise to birds and wander over the place with lilies and orchids. When you are here, it is suggestive of grabbing a bite at any of the food stalls here and satiating your desire for flavourful delicacies that replicate Thai Culture.

When to visit Bangkok?

The ideal time to visit Bangkok is from November to the end of February. Due to its tropical climatic conditions, Bangkok offers pleasant weather during these times, but the average temperature rests at 29 degrees Celsius per day. However, Christmas and New Year also collide during these times resulting in huge crowds and inflation.


On the other hand, April to June is the hottest time for the Bangkok visit, and the temperature crosses the 40 degrees mark then. So if you pep up to visit Bangkok in April, try to make it on a Thai New Year (Songkran) that comes in April. It is the largest water festival globally, and you are sure to have a great time then!

It is better to avoid a visit from July to October. During monsoons, the rains are heavy and even unpredictable at times. That could probably spill the beans over your itinerary, and you have to spend most of your time in the hotels then. Especially when you plan a family vacation, picking the right month for a visit is mandatory, or else you might end up facing a disaster.

Accommodation in Bangkok!

It depends on whether you are taking up your backpack and coming over for a solo trip or planning a complete family vacation to Bangkok. For solo travelers, hostel rooms can be affordable as they can easily get the dorm rooms over here. There are several price ranges in which these hostels are available, and you can pick the best ones. At just 220 THB or $3.15, you can find great rooms over here.

Even private rooms are available in Bangkok at reasonable rates, just 1,000 THB or $32. You can also search for the budget hotels that include hotels or guesthouses starting at just 300 THB. They are basic rooms with a hot water supply and private bathrooms in this. Then there are other double rooms available for 920 THB or $30.

The majority of the hotels over here offer a free breakfast and Wi-Fi facility for its guests. Besides, there are many luxury retreats and villas if you wish to witness a comfortable visit to this place.

Money-saving tips while you travel to Bangkok!

Roaming in Bangkok won't burn a hole in your pockets by taking care of a few important money-saving tips listed below. Apart from not spending much on accommodation, there are few other ways to save a penny and still wander around this beautiful Thailand city without missing anything.

  • Munch over delicious local foods at the street stalls
  • Ask Taxi drivers to run as per the meter
  • Use your bargain skills to deal with tuk-tuk drivers
  • Make use of public transport only
  • Avoid spending too much on drink, specifically on the Khao San Road
  • Hire boats to float through the canal system here.
  • Couch surf is the best way to seek the help of locals and explore places.
  • Walk around the city and try to take its real feel.

Wrapping up

Bangkok is indeed a getaway to travel fanatics who wish to visit the place that is the perfect blend of historical significance and modernization. Whether it is mind soothing temples or the full-filled nightlife and irresistible shopping, Bangkok has something for everyone. So, next time you plan a trip to Bangkok, take a sneak peek through this guide and get ready to unleash the most wonderful side of this city!

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