Railay Beach - A Rock Climbing Hot Spot For Climber

Thailand always leaves you in awe with its serene beaches full of beauty. Krabi is one such province in this Land of smiles where you can get to see the beaches around. Rai Leh, also popularly known as Railay, tops that list of beaches. It used to be a fishing village and has now turned into a popular tourist spot. If you are travelling to Thailand, then don't you forget to visit this place! It is the most sought after destination in the country for the tourists.

It is a small peninsula that extends into Andaman and covers three beaches in it, each with its own disnctitive characteristics. It is not an island, but a peninsula. The Railay West is the longest one among the three beaches of Railay, with white sand and shallow water. It stands perfect for sunbathing, but one needs to be cautious of the rocky southern end.

You can just enjoy the calmness around by sitting back. Regarded as the most famous, it is home to many prominent resorts, restaurants, and beach bars for the visitors. Further at the north is Ton Sai Bay, a beautiful place for rock climbing and affordable rooms. Railay East is just on the opposite side of Railay West. It is not that good destination for swimming, but is surely a beautiful one to experience the sunrise. Between Railay West and East is Phranang Beach which is much smaller from the former beaches. But it is the best to swim with its crystal clear shallow water and white powdery sand.

Now, before stepping into this place, just look at the important recommendations related to it.

 Walkways and Boat Travelling

What makes this place unique is the way it is cut off from the rest of the mainland by a row of steep hills. Situated on the south of Ao Nang beach, travellers can pay a visit to Railay accessible only by boat. The trip on the longtail boat before touching the shore is an experience in itself. The walkways basically add up to the peace it is composed of. Tourists will find no traffic here, no cars, no buses, nothing. All what a person can see here are longtail boats.

 Relaxing at the Railay beach

To make your travel to Railay a peaceful one, just sit and relax at the beach. What can be a better thing to do at such pretty place with package of good things around.

 Enjoying the sunset

Railay West and Ton Sai are gorgeous spots to observe the sunset. This will surely make you have some really memorable time here.

 Sunrise at Railay East

Just visit Railay East in the early morning, and what you can see in front of you is sun rising and beautiful sky all around. This should be on the list of tourists visiting Railay.

 Sightseeing with Picturesque Spots

Within walking distance, you get the golden opportunity to see the caves, viewpoints, white sand beaches, limestone cliffs and what not. Also, to add more beauty, there are lagoons hidden inside the cliffs which are shaped by changing tides. It is totally a tropical paradise where you can observe turquoise blue water around.

 Rock Climbing

The prime reason for visiting this destination might be the beach only, but the Railay Beach definitely offers more. It is considered to be the hotspot for rock climbing with both experienced and novice adventurers.

 Other Adventure Activities

Tourists can try for ocean rafting, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling among other activities that can be taken up.

Searching for Monkeys

You don't have to take up a journey to search for the monkeys, all you have to do is walk a bit and then you will end up running into a group of monkeys.

 Learn Cooking Thai Food

One of the best moments for a traveller to take from this place is how to cook a local dish. The Thai cooking class is situated on the walking street. It is considered to be the great platform to learn the Thai food cooking skills. Chef Ho teaches the students here.

Railay makes you think if you are enjoying in Carribean! It can be budget friendly visit for the travellers. The prices of food and drinks can be higher than other places but the accommodation presents some really great deals to opt for during low season. So whenever you plan to visit Thailand, never miss out on the calmness of this tropical paradise 'Railay Beach'! Offering an ideal combination of luxury and peaceful surroundings, it has everything which a tourist wishes to have.

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