Best Time to Visit Tibet

Due to the growing tourist attraction over the past few years, Tibet has now emerged as one of the most happening tourist choices. People prefer this high altitude plateau region to spend some of life’s best moments. The cold country houses some of the most famous snow peaks and the highest mountain ranges. Here you can get a peek of exotic species that can only exist in cold conditions like the snow panda, snow leopard, the snow frog & mouse hares.

There are birds too like ‘Sacred Bird of Tibet’ and amazing flora and Himalayan herbs that have great healing and medicinal properties. There are adventure sports and air rides that make a great trekking trip experience. Experience the colorful traditions and Tibetan rituals during Festival Season. Autumn makes the most colorful time and favorable weather conditions for overall tourist sightseeing and adventure sports.

Why Visit Tibet?

However, remember for each of the amazing tours or trips there is a specific time to visit Tibet. There are a number of reasons to visit this cold country full of colorful traditions. You would either want to see the high altitude plateau with lesser oxygen content and lesser boiling point. You may also want to see the snow melting and flowing slowly down the captivating snow peaks. There are several other activities to indulge yourself and take away the best memories of your lifetime holiday. This may be camping or a visit to the Mount Everest Base Camp.

Tourists love visiting the country during the festival season to capture the vibrant colors and unique customs. Again, you need to know the specific time or the Best time to visit Tibet. If you know the weather conditions favorable during your visit to Tibet, it helps to make the most out of your visit.

Weather Conditions in Tibet

The winters are very long in Tibet. Moreover, the long mountain ranges and high mountain peaks pick up the rains the first during monsoon. Due to the high altitude, there is lesser oxygen and the air is thin. As mentioned in our previous articles, Lhasa is a very attractive tourist spot. So you will be happy to know that as it is close to the valley the famous shopping place is warmer. The moist weather compliments the favorable weather conditions in the world shopping place. All of us know about the Four Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

Spring (April & May)

This is the most ideal time to visit Tibet. This is the start of the tourist season. The country celebrates its traditional Tibetan New Year in the month of March.

Things to Do: The reopening of the tourist attraction spots comes in time with the melting of snow off the mountain tops. It is a breathtaking sight. Exotic Fauna will take a peek at the changing weather conditions. So catch a glimpse of colorful fauna as well as flora as they open up to a new Spring.

Note: As the tourist crowds start arriving the prices soar high. Book the tickets for Tibet Tours in advance.

Summer (June–August)

There are few showers than other times as it only rains for an hour or so at noon especially during the months of July and August. This is the best time if you want to visit Tibet in the Festival Season.

Things to Do: This is the best time to go camping and trekking as the snow clears away from the mountain pathways. Get a view of the lush green and soft grasslands. Go shopping as there are many trade fairs. There is a famous Horse Riding Festival called Nagqu Horse Racing Festival. You may also want to check out the Ganden Thangka Festival and Shoton Festival.

Note: This is the peak tourist season so if you do not like crowds then check a different time to visit Tibet. Moreover, as the tourists rise, the prices and travel tickets rise too. If you are looking for the lowest price deal the best time to visit Tibet is during Winter.

Fall (September–October)

This is an extension of the busy tourist season in Tibet. This is a great time for hiking. Also, the famous Lake Namtso gives a picture-perfect view with its blue and still waters. As this is the harvest time, see how the Tibetan farmers harvest wheat over the farms.

Things to Do: It is the best time for photographers to capture the most amazing pictures. Traditionally farmers hold a festival to observe harvest season called Angkor Festival. Be there in time to share their happiness. Other activities to indulge are Shooting, Dancing & Singing Folk Songs, Opera, Wrestling, Stone Lifting, and others.

Note: As per some tourists prices are marginal (not too high and not too low) during this season. There are a few restaurants that close down though.

Winter (November – March)

During this winter season international travelers and non- local tourists are not allowed for a period of five to six weeks. The major reason for this is the heavy snowfall experienced in the Tibetan region during extremely cold winter conditions. Prices are slashed by almost 50% discount as this is the tourist off- season. Make the most of the discounts especially if you are looking for a cost-effective Tibet Tour or lowest cost holiday tour.

Things to Do: This is the best time if you want to view the magnificent Himalayas engulfed in snow. Famous festivals during this time include the religious month known as Saga Dawa Festival & the Yogurt Festival called Shoton Festival. Not to mention the colorful Tibetan New Year. You can spot Winter Animals during this time. These include the Chinese Forest Frog known as Tibetan Snow Frog & the Snow Leopard. Watch the Golden Snub Nosed Monkey eat tree bark during Winter.

Note: Tibetan Permit is not allowed during the months of February and March. Learn more about Tibetan Permits and Visa.

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