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Best Time to Visit Tibet

Tibet as a land lies on higher pleateu meaning its covered by high mountains from all around. This means Tibet has thin air, less oxygen and lower boiling point in winters. That’s the reason why most of the travellers avoid winter season. So, December – February comes out as months when people avoid Tibet. If you are not good at bearing cold winds and snow, its better to avoid these months. Plus, these months are also the ones when many roads get closed; so its advised not to travel to Tibet.

April – May

April – May is slightly colder and one can travel here as sun does appear at this time. This is the time when one can move around outer areas of Lahasa.

June – August

June to august is the summer season here and also the ones when tourist come here. It sometimes here in this season, but one can easily travel in slight rain. Its good time for touring. Festivals like Shoton festival, Naggu Horse Racing Festival and Shoton Festival too are carried out in these months.

September – October

September – October  is the best season for trekking and hiking. One of the best times for tourists to be here. Of course, the temperatures can fall down in these monthhs  but not as low as in december. Tourists flock in Tibet in these two months. If you don’t like cold winds then avoid the last week of October when weather begins to change and winds turn cold. Good if you love to travel in 4 WDs.

November – March

November – March are the coldest ones as this is the winter season. Roads get closed due to heavy snowfall yet one can travel to Lahasa if one wishes to. However, it should be noted that Tibet Entry Permits are generally not issued during february and march.
To conclude May to October are the best months to go to Tibet  and May – September are best months for trekking and hiking. If you are planning for a hike to Mt. Everest then travel in the months of April, May, September and October as these are the months when treks are clear and one can see the peak clearly even from a distance.            

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