Auli Tours

Auli is filled with pine forests, old oaks, and fruit orchards. This natural paradise is also famous for skiing, trekking, and other adventure activities. Do you want a cliché hill vacation with everything from cultural beauty to the charm of nature? Auli is your cup of tea.

Auli’s history traces back to 8 AD, when it was covered by Adi Shankaracharya in pursuit of salvation. The region of Auli belonged to Mongolian nomadic tribes and later, it became a trade region. The Tibetan culture started to infuse into Auli because of trade. Today, Auli is one of the famous honeymoon destinations and an iconic skiing site.

The region’s snow slopes and untouched nature give a luxury feel to skiers. Standing at the height of 2800m above the mean sea level, this land is home to numerous attractions like Gorson reserve forest, Nar Parbat, Nilkant, Mana Parwat, Gurso Bugyal, Mount Nanda Devi Kamel, Kwani Bugyal, Trishul peak, Chenab Lake, and others.

Auli is the land of surprises. The nature is forthcoming and pleasing throughout the year. The region becomes a white fairytale land in winter and is the snow time for adventure lovers and honeymooners. With the summer and spring, nature pops out vibrant wild flowers and lush vegetation, including the orchards at harvest beauty. If you are into photography, outdoor activities, and nature, this is the right time. The monsoon is also pleasing here, unlike most of the high altitude destinations.

Home to the second highest peak of the world, Auli is a premier destination, which is for those simplicity lovers and luxury explorers. You can experience Auli just the way you wish to with themed tour packages. Choose honeymoon tours to cover mesmerizing beauties of the land. If you are into skiing, you can choose the Auli Tour Packages that would focus only on snow activities for your entire vacation. Do you want to make a complete vacation out of Auli? It is possible to enjoy every essence of the land in one trip, if you choose the right itinerary. Surf through the options below and find the one that strikes your heart.

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