10 Most Famous Peaks and Mountains in Uttarakhand

The state of Uttarakhand is responsible for giving radiance to our motherland, especially the Northern part of India. This state has some of the highest mountains that are in fact the highest in the country.

mountains of uttarakhand

The height of these mountain peaks ranges somewhere between 3000 meters and 7500 meters. There are also a number of unknown and unexplained peaks present in Uttarakhand, but they stay in the heart of those people who have got the opportunity to get the majestic view.

The mountains stretch over an entire land and thereby makes this place look much more attractive and stunning. These mountains in fact are the sole reasons for so many tourists to travel to this Indian state. If you visit Uttarakhand, make sure that you trek from one peak to the other and back at least once. This trekking experience will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

This place is a paradise for all those people who are fond of altitudes. These peaks are extremely tall and have the utmost grandeur that you simply cannot miss.

If you are interested to know about these mountains in details then you can go through the discussion below:

1. Nanda Devi

This mountain peak has a height of about 7816 meters. This is the highest peak of the country and is there in the Kumaon Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand. This a two peak massif. There is also a ridge that is 2 kilometers long and runs between the East and the West.

The highest among these peaks is the Nanda Devi main and together both these peaks are called twin peaks of the Goddess Nanda. It rises steeply from the local terrain and rises up to 3300 meters and is situated on the South Nanda Devi glaciers. This is also considered to be a very tough peak and climbing this is considered to be quite difficult.

2. Chaukhamba

This is another mountain peak that has a height of about 7138 meters. The word "chaukhamba" means four pillars. This belongs to the Gangotri group of the Himalayas and is the highest mountain here. This is situated in the Western Garhwal region.

There are a total of 4 peaks and the heights of these peaks are 7138, 7088,6995 and 6854 respectively. You will get to see the head of the Gangotri glacier on the Western slopes. Again, the Bhagirathi rises from the Gangotri glacier. It is Bhagirathi which is considered to be one among the two sources of the river Ganga.

3. Trishul

This mountain peak has a height of 7120 meters and belongs to the group of the three mountain peaks of the Himalayas. This is similar to the shape of a trident and is therefore called the Trishul.

This mountain is located in the Northern region of Kumaon in the Bageshwar district. This is best viewed from Kausani and also from the Roopkund trek which is in Bedini Bugyal.

4. Mana Peak

This peak has a height of 7272 meters and this belongs to one of the three peaks of the Himalayas and is connected by a ridge. The other two peaks are the Mukut Parabat and Kamen. You can get an amazing view of this peak from;Badrinath, which is considered to be the land of Lord Shiva.

5. Mukut Parbat

This is another mountain peak with a height of 7242 meters and is located in the Garhwal Himalayas. This is one of the four peaks that belong to the Kamet group. The peaks that fall under the Kamet group are Abi Gamin, Mukur Parbat, mana and also the kamet. The Mukut Parbat is a very famous peak in Uttarakhand.

6. Satopanth

This peak has a height of 7075 meters and is formed from two paths - Truth and the Panth. There Satopanth means the path of truth. The mountain Satopanth is located on the Garhwal Himalayas and belongs to the Gangotri group. This is the second largest peak of this group.

It is this peak that separates the Chaturangi glaciers and also the Gangotri range. This is a mountain that is quite famous specially among those who are interested in moving to the next mountaineering level.

7. Kedarnath

This is another mountain that has a height of 6962 meters and is again a part of the Gangotri group. This is situated on the Western side of the Garhwal Himalaya. The mountain Kedarnath also has a sub-peak and it is called the Kedarnath dome. Both the peak and the sub-peak were first climbed in the year 1947 by a team of Swiss people and it was led by Andre Roch.

8. Panchachuli Peaks

These peaks are located in the Eastern part of the Kumaon Himalayas in the district of Pithoragarh of the state of Uttarakhand. This has a height of 6905 meters;and also called the place of the five cooking hearths or chulis. It is here that the Pandavas are believed to have cooked their last meal before they went to heaven.

These peaks are majestic and forms a barrier between the Gauri valley and also the Darma valley. The Panchachuli base camp trekking is one of the best and the most exciting basecamp trekking available.

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9. Thalaysagar

This is a mountain peak that goes up to a height of 6904 meters and this is located in the Northern part of the Gangotri. It is there on the Western Garhwal Himalayas. This is quite a difficult mountain of the Garhwal and there is no easy ascent route.

This is also referred to the test piece of contemporary mountaineering. Mr. Basanta Singha Roy was the Indian mountaineer who was able to climb this mountain successfully.

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10. Bhagirathi

This is another mountain peak and is the highest peak that belongs to the Bhagirathi group. This is topographically quite complex and also complicated. This has a total of three major peaks. This goes up to Gaumukh and dominates the valley.

The end of the Gangotri glacier is called the Gaumukh. This is also the source from where the river Ganga originated. The upper part of the river is called Bhagirathi and both the river as well as the mountain is named after the famous king, Bhagirath.

Apart from the mountains mentioned above, there are also other beautiful peaks in the state of Uttaranchal that you surely cannot afford to miss.

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