Valley of Flowers Tours

Valley of flowers is a flower-carpeted slope filled with a spectrum of wild flowers. This valley is located in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli region. Valley of flowers is gifted with the climate of Western Himalayas. This valley is a heritage site and is a paradise to watch the gradient of colors swaying with the white background of mountain peaks.

According to mythology, this valley is the Sanjivani mountain, which Lord Hanuman brought to Lanka to save Lakshmana. The valley is also famous for numerous medicinal plants. If you are visiting during monsoon, you can spot numerous streams, waterfalls, and paddocks around the region. This valley is open only for a short window between June and October. This is the blooming season for most of the floral species in this valley. Are you planning a monsoon visit to India? This is a beautiful destination to cover.

This valley is home to more than 500 floral species that flourish in high altitudes. Top medicinal plant species to find here are Megacarpa polyanda, Arnebia benthamii, Aconitum falconeri, A. heterophyllum, Podophyllum hexandrum, and others. Some of the common flowers that you could see here are primulas, orchids, anemone, marigold, daisies, and poppy

With such a lush natural cover, it is very obvious that the wildlife would be flourishing in this region. You can spot Himalayan black bear, mouse hare, common langur, Himalayan brown bear, musk deer, blue sheep, snow leopard, and others. Top birds to spot here are Himalayan golden eagle, Himalayan snow cock, griffon vulture, Himalayan monal, sparrow hawk, snow pigeon, and others. Several colorful butterflies are also common here.

Remember that this valley tour is not for everyone. There are no road routes leading to the valley. One has to trek for three kilometers to reach this valley. If you are up for the task, check out the exclusive Valley of Flowers Tours itineraries that cover this valley for an adventure trip. You can also find fusion itineraries that cover this destination with other activities.

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