Best Place for Walking in Nagarhole

Nagarhole is famous for its wildlife beauty, nature attractions, and trekking trails. Nagarhole National Park is very famous among avid and novice trekkers. Trekking trails are the best ways to get closer to nature and spot birds and small mammals.

Best Places for Walking in Nagarhole

1. North Nagarhole Walking Trail

Nagarhole National Park is divided into four segments namely North, West, South-East, and Center. Among these four, the northern part of the park is the best place to start your trekking route. The north segment trekking trail covers the riverbanks of Kabini. Thus, you can spot numerous aviary species, herds of animals, and flourishing flora.

2. South-East Nagarhole Walking Trail

The South-East walking trail is not for novice trekkers. The route is moist and slippery. The route is covered with deciduous forest. Thus, you cannot have a good view of the entire trail. This walking trail is best for those who want to spot numerous birds. There are also a few camping grounds in this route. It is best to hire a guide for this trail, as wild animals are found deep in this trail. If you want to cover deeper regions, vehicle safari is the best.

3. Central Nagarhole Walking Trail

This is very common among tourists. The length of walking trail is very short and it ends at Kabini backwaters, where you can take a coracle ride to cover deeper regions. This route is common among tourists because, it is easier to spot elephants, gaur, and deer in this trail.

4. West Nagarhole Walking Trail

This route is famous for its natural beauty. This route is covered with valley, waterfalls, streams, and others. Spotting tree-dwelling animals are quite common here. It is best to keep away from the banks of Kabini River, as you can spot snakes and crocodiles here.

Tips for Walking in Nagarhole

  • Walking trails are best visited during peak winter and summer seasons. Avoid waking tours during monsoon season, even if the rainfall is mild. Slight shower is enough to turn the ground into a slippery land.
  • Solo walking tours are best avoided even if you are an avid trekker. Always hire a professional guide, who can accompany you and alert you regarding the types of animals in each route.
  • If a route is closed for any reason, please refrain from exploring the region. The route is closed for the tourists safety.
  • Wear completely covering clothes, especially when you are visiting in summer. Exposed skin is prone to infection, sun damage, insect bite, and others.
  • Carry a lot of water with you and keep your luggage light with only essentials. Bring enough snacks with you, too. Remember to take back the snack covers with you and not litter the park.
  • Do not try to interact with the animals, even if it is a small herbivorous. Feeding or attacking the animals would only bring more danger. Always keep up on your trail. Do not wander off chasing animals for a mere selfie.
  • Wear thick shoes with good traction. Wear sunscreen even if you are visiting in peak winter. Mosquito repellent, hat, scarves, and waterproof shoes will be helpful.
  • Wear your clothes in layers. It might get humid or very cold when you are surrounded by trees.
  • Avoid bringing small kids on the trails. Learn about the length of the trail and decided whether it is right for your kid.
  • These trekking routes need moderate physical stamina. Examine whether it is right for you.

Best Time for Walking in Nagarhole

The best time to explore the walking trails is from October to May. During some years, the monsoon might be delayed and October would receive considerable showers. In such cases, please avoid the first half of October too.

Apart from walking trails, you can enjoy the diversity of the land by enjoying wildlife safari, coracle ride, and others.

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