How to reach Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is well connected to the surrounding regions. Thus, it is easier for you to find numerous transportation options to reach the park, throughout the year.

By Air

The closest airport is located in Mysore, which is 95 km away from the park. If you are looking for the closest international airport, Bangalore airport is 220 km away. From either of the airports, you can find buses, taxis, and other transportations to reach Nagarhole. If you are choosing Bangalore airport, it would take approximately 5 hours to reach the park from the airport.

Most of the international tourists reach India via Mumbai or New Delhi airport. You can find direct flights from Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and others to Bangalore or Mysore.

By Train

The closest and most-opted train station to the park is Mysore Junction, which is about 89 km away. The train station receives around 172 trains per day from various parts of Karnataka and major cities from around the country.

From Mysore Junction, you can find buses and taxis to reach the park. However, the nearest railway station to the park is Mahe train station. The tourists usually do not prefer this station as the frequency of the trains is much lower than Mysore Junction. Some hire trains from Mysore Junction to Mahe and from Mahe, they would choose road transportation. There is not railway station in Nagarhole.

By Road

From surrounding major cities like Hunsur, Mysore and other parts of Karnataka and a few cities of Kerala, you can find jeeps, and taxis to reach Nagarhole. The state government buses connect Nagarhole with numerous cities of Karnataka and surrounding states. From Mysore and Hunsur, you can even rent motorbikes to reach the park.

Inside Nagarhole

Any private vehicle you choose to travel can take you up to the park's entrance gate. Inside the park, you need the forest vehicles, which are licensed for safari. You need to book the vehicle from the park's ticket counter. However, such forest vehicles are banned during monsoon season.

How to Reach Nagarhole from Bangalore?

You can find buses and cars from Bangalore to the park, directly. If you are choosing trains or flights, you can reach Mysore from Bangalore and choose road transportation or trains from Mysore to the park.

Distance:220.6 km – 5 hours 20 minutes

How to reach Nagarhole from Mysore?

If you are choosing trains, you can find trains from Mysore to Mahe and from there, you can find road transportation to reach the park. If you are choosing road transportation, you can find numerous options like taxis, buses, and rental bikes to reach the park.

Distance: 89.8 km – 2 hours and 25 minutes

How to Reach Nagarhole from Chennai?

From Chennai, you can find flights and trains to Mysore, from where you can find cabs, buses, and other transportation to reach the park. You can also find direct cabs from Chennai to Nagarhole Park.

Distance: 558.1 km – 10 hours and 48 minutes

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