How to Plan a Weekend Trip to Tadoba?

Tadoba is an interesting and iconic tourist attraction in India to spot royal Bengal tiger. Are you planning a weekend getaway to Tadoba tiger reserve? The first and foremost tip is to book the safari first and then plan the rest of your vacation around it. Tadoba safari has a high demand and the booking starts three months in prior. Once you have successfully booked the safari, book the resorts based on the safari timing and gate.

Why Choose Tadoba?

Tadoba is one of the most interesting and diverse sites to enjoy tiger spotting. Located in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district, this region is also famous for attractions inside the park like Tadoba Lake, Moharli, Erai Dam, Khosla Village, and others.

Tadoba is one of the oldest parks in the country and it holds more than 88 tigers. Thus, if you are choosing Tadoba visit during the peak season, you can easily spot tigers.

Tadoba is also famous for

  • Well-knowledgeable English speaking guides, who have in-depth familiarity with different regions of the park.
  • The vegetation of the land is lush and enchanting. Thus, the place is also home to variety of birds.
  • The safari conducted in jeeps in this park is tagged by experts as very safe and experience-rich.
  • Tadoba does not have too much of grass growth. Thus, spotting animals is quite easier and it would suit the photo-enthusiasts to take better pictures.

How to plan a safari in Tadoba?

Check the core zones for safari. Use online portals to book safari. If the safari slots for the core zones are all sold out, try the buffer zones. If not, you can always get a ticket from the ticket counter, on the day of the safari, as not all tickets would be sold online. However, it is quite a gamble to wait until the last date. In such cases, it is best to book via any travel agent.

The core gates for safari are Khutwanda, Moharli, Kolara, Navegaon, Pangdo, and Kolsa. The buffer zones for safari are Devada Adegaon, Ramdegi buffer gate, Junona, Agarari, Alizanza zone, and Kolara buffer gate.

Entry Gate Name Number of Vehicle in Morning Safari Number of Vehicle in Evening Safari
Khutvanda 3 3
Kolara 12 12
Mohurli 22 22
Navegaon 5 5
Pangdi 2 2
Zari - Kolsa 2 2
Agarzari 6 6
Devada – Adegaon 12 12
Junona 6 6
Kolara 6 6
Ramdegi – Navegaon 6 6
Alizanza 6 6

Safari Timing, Cost, and Bookings

From October to November:

Safari Starting Time: 6 am (jeep safari entrance closes by 8 am); 2:30 pm (last entry 4 pm)

Safari Ending Time: 10 am for morning safari and 6:30 for evening safari.

From December to end of February:

Safari Starting Time: 6:30 am (jeep safari entrance closes by 8:30 am); 2 pm (last entry 3:30 pm)

Safari Ending Time: 11 am for morning safari and 6 pm for evening safari.

From March to end of April:

Safari Starting Time: 5:30 am (jeep safari entrance closes by 7:30 am); 3 pm (last entry 4: 30 pm)

Safari Ending Time: 10 am for morning safari and 6:30 for evening safari.

From May to end of June:

Safari Starting Time: 5 am (jeep safari entrance closes by 7 am); 3:30 pm (last entry 5 pm)

Safari Ending Time: 9:30 am for morning safari and 7 pm for evening safari.


  • Jeep entry fee – INR 1000 in core zones and INR 600 in buffer zones.
  • Six tourists and one guide can travel in a jeep.
  • Cost of guide – INR 300

Types of Booking

  • Online booking via portals – up to three months in advance
  • Through tour agents – up to three months in advance
  • Manual booking at the counter – for the day

Best Time to Visit Tadoba

July to September is the worst time to visit as the safari in the park would be closed for the monsoon season. October to May is the best time to visit. October to February is the right time for bird watching and spotting numerous small mammals. March to May is the time for spotting predatory animals.

Sample Itinerary

Day One

Reach Tadoba and check into the resort or hotel that you have booked. Some prefer to stay in Nagpur and travel to Tadoba for safari. If you have time, enjoy evening safari. Evening safari is the best time to explore the forest regions for spotting tigers and other predatory animals.

Day Two

Enjoy back to back safaris. Morning safaris are best for birdwatching and spotting herbivorous animals. Return back to the resort and after a brief rest; visit the park for evening safari. If you are staying in any wildlife resort, explore the activities provided in-house. It would be a holistic experience to try different activities.

Some prefer to return back on the end of day two. Those who are planning a three day weekend would stay back and enjoy morning safari on day three and return to Nagpur to continue with their journey.

Where to Stay?

Since you are on a weekend getaway, it is best to stay as close as possible to the park. Also, the wildlife lodges and resorts provide other wildlife related activities for you to enjoy in-between safaris.

Top choices are

  • Jharna Jungle Lodge
  • Irai Safari Retreat
  • Svasara Jungle Lodge
  • Tadoba Tiger King
  • Bamboo Resort

Those looking for budget accommodation can stay in the hotels in Nagpur. Nagpur is around 100 km away from the resort and you can find numerous buses and cabs to take you to the park from Nagpur.

What to Eat in Tadoba?

Tadoba does not have any hotels or refreshment regions. If you wish to make a picnic out of Tadoba, you ought to bring your food with you. Eating or camping inside the park is not allowed, and extremely dangerous.

Weekend Road Trip to Tadoba

If you are planning a road trip to Tadoba, the best place to start is Bangalore. It is a 15 hour road trip and tourists usually halt at Hyderabad (after 8 hours of journey) and then travel to Tadoba. It would take 7 hours to reach Tadoba from Hyderabad. Remember that this is for those who are looking for an adventurous tour to Tadoba. It is a manual-intensive trip and would suit only those who are avid travelers.

Beyond Tiger Reserve

The Tadoba reserve is the iconic attraction of the region. Spare half a day to cover other attractions of the region, like

  • Erai Dam
  • Shopping for wildlife souvenirs

How to Reach Tadoba?

The closest airport is located in Nagpur (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport. You can find direct flight to Nagpur from Chennai, Delhi (100 minutes), Mumbai (75 – 100 minutes), Kolkata, and others, on a daily basis. From Nagpur, you can find road transportation to reach the park.

If you are choosing trains, the closest railway station to the park is located in Chandrapur. Tadoba does not have a railway station. The Chandrapur railway station is around 45 km from the park. You can find trains from surrounding regions and major cities, like Mumbai, Chennai, Jhansi, Hyderabad, Delhi, and others. From the railway station, you can find buses and taxis to reach the park.

You can find cabs and buses from different parts of Nagpur and other regions to the park, directly. However, if you wish to have a comfortable wildlife experience, it is best to book for the entire weekend.

Things to Know Before Safari Booking at Tadoba

  • Pre-book all the amenities and travel options. Right before the vacation, call and confirm the bookings.
  • Back to back safari is essential, if you are planning to spot as many animals as possible.
  • Do not just focus on the tigers alone. There are numerous natural beauties in the park to cover.
  • If you are planning two or three safaris, try to cover core and buffer areas, different regions provide different types of wildlife spotting, which would add diversity to your vacation.

What to Pack for a Trip to Tadoba?

  • If visiting in winter, pack thick clothing. If visiting in summer, pack cotton clothing.
  • Make sure to wear dress that covers you as much as possible. Exposing skin to the harsh sun can cause sunburn.
  • Always pack sunscreen and mosquito repellent, even if visiting in winter.
  • Wear thick, breathable shoes with good traction.
  • Hat, scarf, sunglasses, and other accessories
  • Pack plenty of water
  • If travelling with a kid, pack simple snacks
  • Binoculars and camera
  • Travel documents

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