The Ultimate Guide To Auroville, Pondicherry - The City of Dawn

Auroville (translated as the City of Dawn) is a small region in Pondicherry, whichis basically an experimental township. Founded by Mirra Alfassa or the Mother in 1968, this is a designed region where men and women of different culture, race and other demographic diversities can live together as nationals of Auroville.

Auroville was initially a 20 square kilometer of wasteland, which lies in both Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. The rules of Auroville are quite simple. Auroville does not belong to anyone and no one can own any part of the region. Auroville is for those who want to learn and be the change.

Most of the tourists visit Auroville to find ashram of Aurobindo or Mother. In contrary, Auroville has nothing to do with Aurobindo Ashram other than running by his principles. This is a place to enjoy a different style of life, which many people call as the future style of humanity.

What is inside Auroville?

1. Matrimandir

This is the centerpiece of the region. This is a meditation hall where silence is strictly followed. You will find a spiraling ramp that leads to an air-conditioned chamber, where people visit to find their consciousness. Matrimandir is powered with solar power and has a well-manicured garden. With this structure as the center, the township is divided into four zones namely the cultural and educational zone, international zone, industrial zone and residential zone.

Matrimandir, Pondicherry

2. Industrial Zone

This region is to the north of Matrimandir. You can find small and medium industries, art centers, administration units, training centers, research areas and much more.

3. Residential Zone

The inmates are free to stay inside the structure and every structure is well connected via roads. 55% of the area is protected to be green making it a well-balanced region of nature and urban settlement.

4. International Zone

This region is located to the west of Matrimandir. This region expresses the diversity of different cultures inside the structure.

5. Cultural Zone

Located on the eastern side of Matrimandir, this is the region for cultural education, art forms, sports, entertainment activities and much more. If you find any workshops or activities, feel free to take part in it. Every activity inside Auroville is open to both locals and tourists.

6. Green Belt

The region covering the outer perimeter of the zones is the green belt. It is 1.25 km wide area covered with organic farm, forests, orchards, dairies, wildlife regions and much more. This is the source of food for the inmates of Auroville.

Activities To Enjoy In Auroville

  1. Visit the Auroville Guest service to find out all the available workshops, cultural programs and festivals during your visit. This will help you plan your itinerary.
  2. If desired, you can opt for volunteer work.
  3. Yoga classes are open for everyone to join.
  4. Every morning, Matrimandir introduction tour is conducted. This includes visit to the inner chamber of the structure.
  5. You can always find healthcare programs like Arka, Quiet Healing and so on.
  6. Enjoy international cuisines in the eateries inside Auroville.
  7. Rent bicycles and scale the place at your phase.

How To Reach Auroville?

Auroville can be easily reached via the ECR that runs from Chennai to Pondicherry. The nearest international airport is located in Chennai. From Chennai, you can find buses, cabs and other transportation to reach Pondicherry. From the main gate, the Matrimandir is 6 km away. To the east of the structure, the private beach of Auroville lies. Auroville is located 150 km away from Chennai and just 10 km to the north of Pondicherry. You can find cabs and rickshaws from Kalapet regions and Pondicherry to reach Matrimandir.

Every day, Aurobus (Auroville transportation) starts from Auroville, reaches certain points of Pondicherry, and returns to Auroville. After three hours of wait, the bus starts it return journey from Auroville to Pondicherry. For timings and ticket cost of Aurobus, visit the official site of Auroville.

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When to visit Auroville?

Pondicherry has a sub-humid climate and summers are very hot and humid. March to June is the worst time to visit and explore this region. The region receives a high rainfall of 1,200m and thus, you would be restricted to stay indoors during this time. June to September is the monsoon season of the region and it is best to stay out of the rainy season. Winter starts in October and ends in February. The temperature can go between 32 degree and 20 degree C. This is the best time to visit the region. Apart from climatic conditions, choose to visit the region when you can find the most number of activities and festivals inside Auroville.

Where To Stay In Auroville?

Visit the official site of Auroville to find any vacant houses for temporary stay. From December to February, the chances of finding an accommodation inside Auroville are quite hard. Book in advance to improve your chances of finding accommodation. If missed, you can find numerous accommodations of varying budget levels in and around Pondicherry.

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