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India is the land of religion. You can find numerous temple towns, exotic pilgrimage sites and unique rituals in the country. Hallowed prayers, enchanting halls, oddest ritual activities, splendid architecture and much more. Although famous for Hindu pilgrimage sites, India is a secular state that gives equal importance to all religions. Starting from the Basilica of Goa to the city of Sarnath, the country holds numerous pilgrimage sites of varying religion.


Other than a hand full of destinations like Varanasi, Goa, Sarnath, Dharamsala, Bodhgaya and others, most of the destinations have pilgrimage sites scattered in numerous places. You need to club a hand full of destinations to cover a decent numerous sights and sites.

This is where Travelogy India comes in handy. We provide you a long list of Pilgrimage tour packages that pertain to a certain deity, religion, geographical place, mythological incident and so on. Do you want to enjoy a pilgrimage of just Lord Shiva temples? Do you want to stick with Buddhism? No matter what style of pilgrimage you are looking for, we have the right package for you.

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