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Ladakh - The adventure capital of the country, is the destination that has the top three highest mountain passes in the world. This destination has strong links with Buddhism and Tibetan culture. From architecture to cuisine, this city has an Eastern outlook. This is a very famous tourist destination for those who love isolated adventure spot for many outdoor activities that pump adrenaline into the brain. Ladakh is a stretch of null vegetation hills, craggy mountain passes, think snow, monasteries and clear water bodies that usually stands as block ice.

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Why Visit Ladakh

Everything about Ladakh is exhilarating. Sightseeing spots are unique here. Nothing here is cliché when it comes to tropical destination. Explore the city on yak’s back or enjoy unique Tibetan shopping, meditate in monasteries and taste the one-and-only pink tea.

Are you ready to visit this oasis of natural beauty? With monasteries that are several centuries old, this ancient wild place stands apart from the bustling city life. This is the place for those who are child at heart. Are you ready to enjoy the snow and mountain in the rawest form possible?

Safari, trekking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing and shopping are some of the numerous interesting activities that awaits you in Ladakh. This white barren ice desert adds a nice touch to your memories. Often visited by adventure lovers and honeymooners, Ladakh stands as an important tourist destination in India.

Know the Do’s and Don’ts in Ladakh

If you are planning to visit the beautiful valley of Ladakh then you should be aware of these things:
  • You cannot find things easily in the interiors, so carry all the necessary things that you will need during the trip from Manali, Leh and Kargil.
  • Carry your sun protection with you such as a hat, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.
  • While entering the monasteries, take off your shoes. Do not smoke in the premises of Monasteries. Avoid touching the statues and thangkas.
  • Be more civilized and ask before clicking a picture of the inhabitants and their belongings.
  • Do not litter the trekking routes or the camp sites.
  • Flash photography is prohibited inside the monasteries. So, don’t use flash inside the monasteries.
  • Carry boiled or purified water during your treks.
  • The authority in Ladakh imposed ban on plastic bags, so do not carry plastic bags there.
  • Do not tease or disturb the wildlife during your visit to national parks.

Best of Ladakh Tour Packages

Ladakh has so much to offer its visitors beginning from the beautiful valleys to snow cladded peaks. Our range of exclusive packages of Ladakh can cater your needs and requirements providing tours of 5 to 15 days covering all the major destinations.

Leh Khardungla Nubra
Delhi - Leh - Khardongla Pass - Alchi - Lamayuru

10 Days Trip To Ladakh
Delhi - Leh - Yangthang - Temisgang
7 Days Ladakh Itinerary
Delhi - Leh - Likir - Alchi
14 Days Ladakh River Rafting Tour
Delhi - Leh - Kargil - Rangdum - Remala - Karsha - Padum - Delhi
17 Days Ladakh Biking tour
Delhi, Manali - Khoksar - Tandi - Darchaa - Sarchu - Pang - Taglang La - Upshi - Leh
4 Nights Valley of Flowers Ladakh
Leh, Khardungla, Deskit, Hemis, Leh
6 Days Camel Safari In Ladakh
Delhi - Leh - Hunder - Dikshit -Pinchimic - Panamic - Leh
5 Days Ladakh Monasteries Tour
Delhi - Leh - Khardongla Pass - Leh - Delhi.

Ladakh Travel Information

An Experience of Monasteries, Safari, Trekking in Ladakh
Ladakh Travel Guide

About Ladakh

Ladakh is one place which is considered as a heaven by those who search places to gain the thrill of adventure Read More...

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

Ladakh is a beautiful place that is located in the Himalayan range.

Cuisine of Ladakh

Cuisine of Ladakh

The cuisine of Leh Ladakh is a mixture of Indian and Tibetan cuisine.

Experience Ladakh

Experience Ladakh

Experience interaction with the people as innocent as the nature itself in Ladakh.

Safari in Ladakh

Safari in Ladakh

Safari is Ladakh usually by tourists for the purpose of sightseeing, wildlife spotting and photography

Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh combines the ruggedness with the bewitching beauty of its landscape..

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