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Goa is more than just a hand full of beaches and pumping parties. This is a cultural blend of sand, sun, spice, seafood and spirituality. Stretching along the mighty Arabian Sea, this tropical paradise caters to the needs of every traveler from backpackers to fancy pamper-loving luxury traveler. With tourism season, the region becomes close to yoga, spiritual exploration and others.

Stroll through the spice plantation is just one part of exploring the spice element of the place. Tantalize your taste buds with the spicy and creamy cuisine of this land with a Portuguese and Indian blended palate. Visit Goa from October to March to enjoy fresh sea-food and enjoy nature at its prime beauty.


Do you want to add more to your vacation? Enjoy exotic water sports, hot air ballooning, vibrant nightlife parties, cruise trips, casino nights and much more. Starting from bachelor parties to honeymoon, this cultural collage has more to offer like forts, churches, viewpoints, cathedrals, beaches, flea market, pubs, bars and much more.

What more are you looking for? Are you not sure how to plan the vacation? We at Travelogy India help you to craft the customized Goa Tours that suits your interest. We can create a no-regret vacation plan that will etch through your memories for decades to come. You can mix-and-match attractions, add more days to the package, pick exotic activities and crochet your itinerary as you wish even till the last minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Goa is famous for its wonderful beaches. People come here from different countries many times. But people mostly prefer to come here in winter season. The winter season consists of November, December, January and February in Goa. Undoubtedly the winter's climate is perfect for long distance travelling. Temperature is favourable, lies more or less 32 degrees Celsius. Humidity is low in this season. Also, winter gives you a perfect mood for the party. So in one word, the weather is favourable in this season. Complete Info.
Goa is a wonderful and an obvious destination for tourists. This small state is situated between Maharashtra and Karnataka. So this location provides ease communication. 3 types of ways are available – by air, by road or by railway. To go to Goa by air, you need to go to Dabolim. To reach Goa by train is the easiest way. The two main stations at Goa are Madgaon and Vasco-da-gama. Also, you can reach Goa by road from different cities and state via National Highway. Bus services are smooth in Goa.
Goa is a coastal region, so it's well known for beaches. There are plenty of beaches on all sides of Goa. Mostly north side beaches are numerous than south side. Some important and beautiful beaches of Goa are - Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Palolem Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, etc. Among them, Palolem beach is considered as most cleanest and the water colour of this beach is blue. Sports are done in the water of Baga Beach.
As Goa consists of plenty of beaches. So the best activity you can do is water sports. So you can do many exciting activities in the water. Such as - Scuba Diving, Fishing, Water Sinking, boat racing, surfing, knee boarding, white water rafting, etc. So doing such activities in Goa will make your trip memorable. These are the top activities you can do here. Some important beaches are - Palolem Beach, Baga Beach, Dona Paula, Annan Beach, Majorda Beach, Mobor Beach, Colva Beach, etc.
Some special, delicious dishes of Goa are - Goan fish curry, chicken cafreal, Chicken Xacuti, Goan Pork Vindaloo, Sorpotel, Samarachi Kodi, Patolea, Sannas, Fish Recheado, etc. Feni is one of the best drinks of Goa, which is made from coconut and cashew nuts. Bebinca is the most renowned dish among sweets and this is one of the common items on any occasion of Goa. Also, cashew nut is one of the most important productions of Goa.
Goa is the perfect place for young couples to enjoy the fullest. Point of attractions of Goa is various beaches, like - Calangute beach, Anjuna Beach, Dona Paula beach, Baga Beach, Colva Beach Road, etc. Other visiting places of Goa are –Dudhsagar Fall, Aguada Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Shanta Durga Temple, Corjuem Fort, Goa Museum, Maruti Temple, Mormugao Fort, Cabo de Rama, cathedral, etc. These are the most visited places by people.
To visit Beaches are the main point of attractions on this small and beautiful state. Water sports, night parties, etc. are the joyous activities tourists can do here. Wondering into Beaches be the best thing you can do here. Also, shopping is a part of the trip, as the price of things in Goa are reasonable, so people easily do shopping here. Some beautiful attraction spots of Goa are - Dudhsagar Falls, Aguada Fort, Baga Beach, butterfly beach, Mangieshi temple, Patnem Beach, Colva Beach, etc. Apart from this, it’s the trade center of cashew nut, spices, etc.
The colorful beaches, exciting activities, water sports, etc. are the favorite things for kids to do in Goa. There are so many charming things in Goa for kids. So a Goa trip with your family will be a memorable trip. Some exciting activities for kids are - Gokarting, dolphin Tours, going by train to Dudhsagar falls, visiting Snow Park in Goa, butterfly sanctuary visiting, etc. So in a word, these activities of Goa will the funniest for kids.
There are many beaches in the northern portion of Goa, as well as in the southern portion. But the beaches of Southern region are cleaner than northern region, like – Calangute beach, Baga Beach, etc. Also, there are many beautiful beaches in South portion of Goa, like –Butterfly beach, Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Bogmalo beach, etc. Also, there are many attractive tourist spots like churches, Chandor, Vasco-da-gama etc. Also, south Goa consists of plenty, amazing night clubs.
Goa is undoubtedly an excellent destination for India. October to February are months that are the perfect time for Goa. Because the weather is damn favorable, comfortable these months. But in May, June, July, August and September months, the climate is not so pleasant in Goa, and not perfect for the trip. Also due to heavy rain, the hotels cannot provide good services to the tourists. So these months are considered off-season in Goa.
Goa trip is nothing but a refreshment from your daily routine. This is the perfect option for enjoying a vacation. Nightclub parties are one of the joyous activities in Goa. There are plenty of clubs and they are safe, reliable. One of the best clubs of Goa is - Cape Town cafe, Owl, Club Cumana, Tito's bar and club, Antares, LPK waterfront, Silent Noise Club, etc.
The day is one of the best times to adventure in Goa. Some breath-taking places to visit in a day from Goa are - Nerds, Chorla Ghat, Yana, Malvan Beach, Dandeli, Dudhsagar Falls, Amboli, Vengurla, Karwar, Sawantwadi, etc. You can enjoy the taste of every place of Goa in the daylight.
Winter season is favourable and comfortable to visit in Goa. So November, December, January, February, etc. are the best seasons for Goa. Because the temperature is between 32 degrees, which is perfect. So this is the perfect time for wondering and enjoying. The average temperature of the winter season is appropriate for visiting.
Goa provides such comfortable, flexible services to tourists. There is plenty of reliable tourism. Plenty of apartments, hostels, restaurants, and clubs are there for tourists. So this is a perfect destination for a family tour or a couple of tour. Caravela Beach Resort, Royal Orchid Beach Resort, Santana Beach Resort, Whispering Palms Beach Resort, etc. are some important resorts of Goa.
Goa's point of attractions is its beautiful beaches. Also, there are so many exciting things to do - nightclubs party, water sports, etc. Goa is an example of having a combination of European and Indian illustrations. One of the oldest Safa Shahouri Mosque is situated here. Also, this is an atheistic place, many temples, churches, etc. are situated here.
Goa is a perfect holiday destination in India to visit. October to February are months that are the perfect time for Goa. Because the weather is damn favorable, comfortable these months. But in May, June, July, August and September months, the climate is not so pleasant in Goa, and not perfect for the trip. Also due to heavy rain, the hotels cannot provide good services to the tourists. So these months are considered as off-season in Goa.

Goa is a kind of place, where you can wear anything freely with any comfortable dresses. So people can enjoy fully while coming here. You can wear long dresses as well as short dresses freely. Long skirts, sundresses, bikini, trousers, sarongs, etc. can be worn in Goa. Complete Info.