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Goa is more than just a hand full of beaches and pumping parties. This is a cultural blend of sand, sun, spice, seafood and spirituality. Stretching along the mighty Arabian Sea, this tropical paradise caters to the needs of every traveler from backpackers to fancy pamper-loving luxury traveler. With tourism season, the region becomes close to yoga, spiritual exploration and others.

Stroll through the spice plantation is just one part of exploring the spice element of the place. Tantalize your taste buds with the spicy and creamy cuisine of this land with a Portuguese and Indian blended palate. Visit Goa from October to March to enjoy fresh sea-food and enjoy nature at its prime beauty.

Do you want to add more to your vacation? Enjoy exotic water sports, hot air ballooning, vibrant nightlife parties, cruise trips, casino nights and much more. Starting from bachelor parties to honeymoon, this cultural collage has more to offer like forts, churches, viewpoints, cathedrals, beaches, flea market, pubs, bars and much more.

What more are you looking for? Are you not sure how to plan the vacation? We at Travelogy India help you to craft the customized Goa Tours that suits your interest. We can create a no-regret vacation plan that will etch through your memories for decades to come. You can mix-and-match attractions, add more days to the package, pick exotic activities and crochet your itinerary as you wish even till the last minute.

Goa is a state full of loveliness. There is beauty sprinkled over every aspect of it.
Spend your day easing out and relaxing on the beaches. Also you will witness the unique cultural
Set out on an exploration of lifestyle of the local folks of Goa. Goa is famous for its beaches.

Weekend Getaways from Goa
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  • Known as "beach capital of India", the tourists are likely to remain confined to the beaches and miss the rest of attractions in Goa. Hence the suggested things to do in Goa.
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  • Where and what to shop in Goa is as under:- Anjuna Market, held every Wednesday in a coconut grove of Anjana Beach, offers fabrics, ornamental crafts, spices, clothing and handicrafts.
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