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The entrance to the North-East India, Assam, is filled with hidden beauties and untouched nature. The biodiversity of the land comes from the wild lush forests, which are veined by mighty rivers. Apart from its rich fauna and flora, the place is lined with plantations. Most of the Assam tour Packages will never miss to cover this immaculate beauty.

History of Assam

Talking about the beginning period, the state of Assam was regarded to be a part of Kamarupa (currently known as Guwahati). This region had Bhutan, Koch Bihar (in West Bengal), Brahmaputra valley and Rangpur area (today in Bangladesh). Many rulers came and went away in this region. In 1826, it was included in British India when the Britishers signed the treaty of Yandabo. After this, it was considered to be a separate province with Shillong as its capital from the year 1874.

After Bengal experienced partition in 1905, it was associated with the same state as its eastern portion. But with reunion of Bengal in 1912, it once again became a separate province. In the year 1947 when India achieved its independence, the Sylhet district (except Karimganj subdivision) of Assam went to Pakistan. It attained the status of constituent state in 1950. McMohan Line which separates India and Tibet experienced various disputes at that time. In 1972, it achieved independence from the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram and came out as a free state in 1986. The Assamese people have been living in harmony since then showcasing their cultural, tribal, regional and racial distinctiveness.

Tourism in the state

Assam is the state which one should definitely explore. It is brimming with unique wildlife, wild forests, lush green tea plantation gardens and what not. One will never go disappointed with beauty that Brahmaputra river offers. The Kamakhya temple at the hilltop, peacock islands and the silk bazars will leave you in awe of this state. You can surely call it earth's paradise as it is set in footsteps of Brahmaputra valley which surprises you every day with its incredible nature.

Why visit Assam

Splendid tourist places, calming natural beauty, sacred river, lively culture and traditions and the humble localites are some of the many reasons why a traveller should consider Assam as their next vacation spot. It is one of the Northeast India's fascinating sister states. A tourist who comes here will experience and explore a package full of history, nature and culture at the same time.

Ideal time to visit

In both the summer and winter season, Assam will give you some immense beauty to enjoy. Between March to May, you can just sit and get delighted by the nature which primarily involves the blooming orchids. The best time to step in Assam is winter season from October to March. At this time, one can witness the major harvest festival, Bihu.

How to visit:

Considered to be the gateway to Northeastern India, Assam is easily accessible state. If one wants to visit this place, then you can opt any options mentioned below-

  • By road

Roadways is some safest option of travel which can be chosen by the visitor. With the help of it, one can easily travel upto smallest parts of the state. Many national highways pass through Assam to other states present in the country. Some of them are NH31, NH37, NH38, NH40 and NH52.

  • By train

If you want to travel to Assam by railways, then just reach Guwahati. This city is properly connected to all other states of India.

  • By air

One can reach the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport which is located in Guwahati. Finding its place 25 km away from the city, one can easily hire a private taxi or bus to reach their destination.


Perfect Places to Visit in Assam


Guwahati is one of the prominent destinations in Assam which a traveller can choose to enjoy their vacation. It provides home to an international airport and the country's first solar powered railway station, it is some city which is well connected with other Indian cities. It includes some splendid lakes, museums, national parks, temples and many more places. Make sure to include Guwahati in your travel itinerary as your travel to Assam will not be complete without coming to this city.

 Majuli Island

This island is made up of pollution-free freshwater. It has some spectacular landscapes that can literally leave you with some surprise. What makes Majuli Island more beautiful is the vibrant culture that is followed by the tribals residing here. So do not forget to take part in one of the festivals to know the culture of the tribals there.

 Kaziranga National Park

If you are some wildlife enthusiast, then Kaziranga National Park should surely be on your list of places to visit. You will get to see one horned rhinos here as this park stands as their one of largest homes on Earth. Other fauna which can be seen here are Bengal foxes, swamp deer, elephants, leopards, sloth bear and the list has more animals in it. In the year 1985, it attained the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The perfect thing to opt for is safari here. If one wants to explore wildlife of Assam, then this is the ideal place.


Tezpur is filled up with paddy fields and tea plantation gardens. It is a must visit place in the state of Assam. It offers Bura-Chapori wildlife Sanctuary, Agnigarh, Nameri National Park and Kalia Bhomora Setu Bridge to the visitors. When on your trip to Assam, definitely come to Tezpur to experience nature, culture and history, all at the same place.


This hill station is something which should be explored while being on Assam tour. Regarded as the only hill station in the state, this destination has a whole lot of things to present to the travellers. It is famously known as 'Scotland of Assam'. There are not many places which one can see in Haflong itself but surely you can find some spectacular places around it.


This city is Assam's spiritual soul. Jeypore rainforest, Jokai Botanical Garden, Dibru River, Lord Jagannath Temple and Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the must visit destinations. Along with this, you should explore some tea garden here which will be a new and unique experience. It is popularly known as 'Tea city of India'.

 Manas National Park

Needless to say, Manas National Park is some place which boasts of its natural beauty and wildlife just by the fact that is included in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This park has the second largest tiger population in the country. Not only home to tigers, but this destination houses other incredible flora and fauna.

Culture in Assam

Filled up with diverse population and rich culture and tradition, the culture of Assam is a combination of Mongolian, Aryan and Indo-Burmese influences. The people residing here in the state are collectively known as Axomiyas and their language as Axomiya (Assamese) which is widely spoken language of the state.

Fairs and festivals which one should attend

  • Majuli Festival

The celebration that draws the visitors even from far off places is Majuli festival in Assam. It is regarded to be gateway to the Northeast. It is conducted in the largest river island present in the world which is Majuli. Finding its location on the Brahmaputra river, this island has been significant centre of Vaishnavite culture in Assam since 16th century.

  • Magh Bihu

This festival is celebrated with enthusiasm by the entire population of the state. It marks the end of harvesting season. Not just the agricultural folks, but it is some merry making time in big cities and towns also. In the month of January, the travellers who come to Assam can enjoy this festival along with localites. Famously known as festival of food or Bhogali Bihu, this is something which a visitor should not miss.

  • Elephant Festival

One of the largest elephant festivals in the nation is arranged by Government of Assam in the month of February every year. The prime motive behind conducting it is safeguarding the Asiatic elephant. This festival promotes the culture of eco-tourism and how elephants and human being can live in harmony at a place. Beautiful processions can be enjoyed by the tourists here.

  • Bohag Bihu

This festival marks the beginning of Assamese New Year and has another name known as Rongali Bihu. Here, one can see abundance of joy everywhere during this time. The three Bihu festivals celebrated in Assam are Bohag Bihu (Rongali Bihu), Kati Bihu (Kongali Bihu) and Magh Bihu (Boghali Bihu), out of which Bohag Bihu is held during spring season.


What food to Eat in Assam

In the state of Assam, the staple diet of people is rice and most of the people eat non-vegetarian food. And generally, spicy food cannot be found here easily as you can get in every other Indian state. Ducks, chicken, pigeons, pork and fish are some of the popular food options here. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can go for fish curry which is prepared using some unique recipe and ingredients. Different rice dishes that a tourist can try here are Cheera (flattened rice), Akhoi (parched paddy), Muri (puffed rice), Pithguri (pound rice), Bora saul, Komal saul, and many more. Some of the sweet dishes that one can order are Pitha, Ghila Pitha, Kol Pitha and Narikolor laaru. The Assamese dishes have healthy aspect in them along with unique features.

So definitely try considering the state of Assam and the destinations present therein for your wonderful vacation. Travel itinerary should be properly prepared while taking in all the ideal places, food options, festivals and what not into consideration. Also, the tourists on stepping in here will get to experience a package which is full of surprises. Right from the wonderful culture to history, this place has got it all to offer to its visitors.

Assam has a unique geographical location enveloped by Bangladesh and Bhutan. These international borders give a unique culture to the land. Do you wish to enjoy the culture of the land? The best way to do so is to choose any Assam Tour Itinerary covering tribal festivals.

The tea city of the country is not just about nature. Thanks to the rich history, the land has numerous ancient monuments, religious sites and most importantly, the amazing craft wealth. This is the best place to buy tribal souvenirs and handlooms. This culture, art, folklore, and beauty of the land are owed to the mighty Brahmaputra. Today, cruise and adventure activities over and closer to the river are covered in many Assam holiday packages.

Where this diversity comes from? Since the 1st AD, the place has been ruled by several distinctive dynasties including Chinese and Islamic reigns. Thus, this region has a culture carved out of numerous eras. If you wish to enjoy their exotic life, it is time to explore the untainted beauty of this land. Find below the list of whimsical and cliché Assam itineraries. Either if you are interested to visit the best part of northeast india then you can choose your north east india tours to explore the beauty.

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