Assam Tour Packages

The entrance to the North-East India, Assam, is filled with hidden beauties and untouched nature. The biodiversity of the land comes from the wild lush forests, which are veined by mighty rivers. Apart from its rich fauna and flora, the place is lined with plantations. Most of the Assam tour Packages will never miss to cover this immaculate beauty.

Assam has a unique geographical location enveloped by Bangladesh and Bhutan. These international borders give a unique culture to the land. Do you wish to enjoy the culture of the land? The best way to do so is to choose any Assam Tour Itinerary covering tribal festivals.

The tea city of the country is not just about nature. Thanks to the rich history, the land has numerous ancient monuments, religious sites and most importantly, the amazing craft wealth. This is the best place to buy tribal souvenirs and handlooms. This culture, art, folklore, and beauty of the land are owed to the mighty Brahmaputra. Today, cruise and adventure activities over and closer to the river are covered in many Assam holiday packages.

Where this diversity comes from? Since the 1st AD, the place has been ruled by several distinctive dynasties including Chinese and Islamic reigns. Thus, this region has a culture carved out of numerous eras. If you wish to enjoy their exotic life, it is time to explore the untainted beauty of this land. Find below the list of whimsical and cliché Assam itineraries.

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