Komodo National Park

Set in Indonesia, Komodo National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site. Pay a visit to this place and fulfill your crazy dream of watching a dragon once in your life. This national park is situated between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the East Nusatenggara province. It runs across total 29 volcanic islands (3 major ones namely Rinca, Padar and Komodo). It is home to around 2,500 komodo dragons. Also, you can find other fauna too here such as varied kinds of reptiles, mammals and birds.

The park is vast and has impressive geography. The terrain here is unique and diverse with mountains, beaches, tropical rainforest, grass woodland savannah and what not. The unexplored marine biodiversity found in Komodo National Park is regarded as one of the world's richest flora and fauna.

Things to Enjoy & Do Here

Komodo dragons

The largest reptile and lizard in the world is right here for you people! The name is Komodo Dragon which is considered to be fierce and deadly creature. It reaches up to 3 metres approximately and weighs over 70 kgs. They have long thick tail, fork shaped tongue, huge body structure and bowed legs.

The only habitat of Komodo Dragons in the world is this national park and the surrounding Flores island. These massive creatures are the prime attraction of this destination. They are great to look at but the visitors in this park are strictly advised to keep a distance from these reptiles. Do not forget to be accompanied by a ranger and follow the instructions provided by him or her.

Marine & Land Fauna

Besides Komodo Dragon, the tourists can have a spectacular view of other marine and land fauna which roam freely inside the park.

The terrestrial fauna here includes different species of birds, lizards, snakes, water buffalo, horses, frogs, endemic Rinca rat, fruit bats, Timor deer which is the main prey of Komodo Dragons and many more. The fauna in marine waters is surprisingly diverse and beautiful with immense species of fishes, dolphins, whales, green turtles, sharks, marine reptiles, sting rays, huge manta rays and the list is endless.

Padar Island Hiking

The astonishing beauty of Padar island is just perfect to be experienced by every visitor of this national park. You can have some wonderful pictures right here. One can have a scenic hike. The surroundings are filled with white, blue and green hues. The vantage point from the tallest peak on this island provides the golden opportunity to the tourists to get themselves clicked. This point has some great view of four crescent shaped beaches flowing. You can hike up the main peak of this mountain which will take around two to three hours. Just be in your comfortable shoes and clothing if you want to go for hiking.

Diving Sites

This national park has its location in the Asia Pacific coral triangle. The reason why it has diverse marine ecosystem. Photographers, scientists and divers pay a visit here to explore the rich biodiversity. It can be observed at many diving sites such as Rinca, Komodo, Padar, along with some smaller islands. In total, there are around 100 world class diving sites found in and around this national park.  Diving carried up at this destination will land you in some rich marine ecosystems found in the world. Due to the strong water currents, the divers can end up being in wide open Indian Ocean. Therefore, they are strongly advised to hire experienced and professional diving operators.

Pink Beach Situated on Komodo Island

Pink Beach, also referred to as Pantai Merah, is one among the seven in the world to carry a soft pink tinge. The wonderful view of lush green hills, pink sand, pristine water, and beautiful skies will offer some unforgettable sight for you. You can opt for snorkeling or diving here. The underwater wildlife is composed of corals and reefs with varied kinds of marine fauna. Take up some professional guide here as this island is inhabited by Komodo dragons because of which you need to be cautious.

Snorkeling at Kanawa Island

The tourists come to this island to have some peaceful time and have the experience of snorkeling. The water is extremely clear here. You can see the spectacular sea life from above the water only. You will definitely get mesmerizing views of tropical fish, corals, dolphins, sting rays and turtles. To carry out the expenses here, you are suggested to bring cash as internet gets slow here which makes online transactions difficult.

Sunset at Kalong island

The name of this place, Kalong, is taken from the region language which carries the meaning of fox bats. The main attraction found here is these bats only which offer some enthralling sunset view. The visitors are invited here to experience the sunset when these bats start flying. The moments of these bats flying from the mangrove forests to the sunset hues are just memorable.

So there is a lot that can be taken up by tourists once they visit this vast Komodo National Park. You will not get any opportunity to go disappointed from this park as the rich biodiversity found here will leave you with some memorable moments which you will carry back home.

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