Mount Bromo, Indonesia - A Wonderful Place to Enjoy Hiking & Sunrise

Filled with the most active volcanoes in the world, Indonesia finds its location on the ring of fire. Here when you arrive, you will get to listen tales about various volcanic eruptions and the most active volcanoes in the world. Mount Bromo is the best one for the spectacular views it provides to the tourists. The peak of this volcano was blown away during eruption which took place some years back, and you can clearly observe the white fumes coming out of it. The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park comprises of many natural beauty spots out of which Mount Bromo is one such destination. In this park, you can also have golden chance to see the highest peak in Java which is Mount Semeru.

Mount Bromo is definitely not the highest volcano found in this country, but the magnificent beauty of this peak makes it stand out from among all the volcanic peaks. It is 2,392 metres high and gives such incredible views to the visitors. You can have a four hours drive from Surabaya, the capital city of East Java. This peak stands surrounded with volcanic sand all around. The location provides home to the ethnic group of Tengger people. They believe in preserving their culture and tradition. Once you visit this place, you will get to know more about this ethnic group and their way of life.

Landmark Places to Know When you talk About Mount Bromo:

 Sea of Sand

This is mainly regarded as the bottom area of the Mount Bromo. Here you can easily walk, hire a motorbike or jeep to reach the Mount Bromo crater.

 Mount Bromo

You can find other volcanoes around in the park, but the one which is permitted for climbing purpose is Mount Bromo. Once you get to the other side of Sea of Sand, just go ahead on the staircase and you have Mount Bromo in front of you.

While You Come to Mount Bromo, Do not Forget to Try These Activities

 Getting on jeep to explore Sea of Sands

There is a wide stretch of sand all around this mountain peak. So what's better than getting on a jeep and enjoying the beauty with some adventurous drive. The best option what you can go for is an off-road tour. You can simply hire a jeep and the operator will take you around this difficult terrain.

 Horse riding

The Sea of Sands surely offers you some wonderful activities to opt for. One such activity is horse riding where you can just sit on a horse and the owner will take care of the fact to let you explore nature and its beauty. Away from the hustle-bustle of modern life, Mount Bromo gives the tourists some incredible views to enjoy.

 Hiking and Experiencing the Beautiful Sunrise

The prime reason for which visitors want to include this destination on their list is because of the spectacular sunrise. From the vantage point of Mount Penanjakan peak which is situated nearby, the sun rises beautifully over Mount Bromo as the centre. This wonderful sight is something which you should surely not miss. It takes almost an hour of hiking to the vantage point from where your jeep parking is done. Visit this place by keeping in mind the time which you need for hiking to observe the sunrise.

Exploring the Place and Indonesian Food

Every guesthouse, hotel and restaurant located here offer some delicious food for travellers. Some independent eateries can also be found here. The visitors can choose to eat from roadside vendors who cook Indonesian food. Most of these eateries open early in the morning as people start hiking up the Mount Bromo for witnessing the sunrise.

 Sunset picnic

On the other side of the Bromo, you can end up your day with a picnic at sunset hour. You will get the best views from here. Just go to the vast Savannah and enjoy some moments right there at the top of the mountain. This will not tire and disappoint you rather it will be worth it to end the day this way. Sit and relax in the most calming atmosphere up there on the mountain. When you climb down the mountain, what you need to do is take out your carpet and the items from your basket, and there you have the perfect picnic time.

The travellers should definitely follow the recommendation of visiting Mount Bromo. Even though it is an active volcano, but you need not worry as the national park keeps a check on the activity of the volcanic peak. If the activity is very high, then you are not allowed to go further around it. But mostly, it is considered fine to climb and enjoy the natural beauty of this wonderful peak. It offers you some opportunity to experience the incredible views which you will not get to see anywhere else. Nature and the beauty, adventure, food, views, you have everything here which one looks for at any place before visiting it.

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