Raja Ampat Indonesia - A Secret Archipelago to Enjoy Beaches & Coral Reefs

All what you can see once you arrive at Raja Ampat is blue and turquoise water with cone shaped islands! It is part of the West Papua province of the country. You can easily locate it beyond the Bird's Head Peninsula on Papua. This is such a spectacular destination which should be on everyone's list. The beauty is not limited to the surface only, but you can find it beneath the water also. The coral reefs are the richest here making it a perfect spot for diving. It is definitely the best one among all the islands present in Indonesia.

Composed of around 1500 islands, Raja Ampat waters fall in the coral triangle. It is regarded to be the richest in marine life in the whole world. Here, you can observe people speaking different languages. The Indonesian landscape has many islands and other destinations also, but this place is recommended because of the wonderful experience it is going to give to its tourists. The main four islands of Raja Ampat are Waigeo, Batanta, Wisool and Salawati. Along with this, other smaller islets give you the golden opportunity to explore natural beauty.

Once you come here, do not miss to see the sunset and sunrise. There are various places from where you can enjoy seeing them. Another activity which you can take up here is observing wildlife. Many endemic species of plants and birds are found here. Exploring the village life should be on your to do list here. The local cuisine is something which you should try and you will definitely not get disappointed from it. Among other things that can be done is to take a diving experience and look at the marine life and swim with the creatures in the water. This place has many options to offer to a tourist.

How to Reach Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is remotely located, so you have to keep this in mind that the journey is not going to be simple but it is obviously a doable one. The beauty of this place makes the journey worth it. Just travel in an airplane from the cities of Makassar or Jakarta to Sorong. From this place, take a smaller flight to Marinda Airport. This airport is located at Waisai which is considered to be the capital of the place. If you don't want to take a flight, simply book some ferry services and experience the marine beauty around.

Main Spots at Raja Ampat


Every tourist who comes to visit Raja Ampat surely goes to Piaynemo Island. The most prominent reason behind visiting this place is its beauty. Get your perfect pictures clicked and carry with you some unforgettable moments. The colourful aspect of this islands draws everyone's attention to it. You can find rich blue water and at the same time some green islets and rocks. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see a dolphin too here. Also, do not forget to go on trekking to the viewpoint which is situated on the main island. There you will see the tropical paradise.

Telaga Bintang

This beautiful star shape Telaga Bintang d lagoon can be found near Piaynemo islands. It is a spectacular natural wonder which has ancient cliffs around it. The best you can do is go to the top and look at the beauty which Telaga Bintang presents to you.

Mansuar Islands

Looking for sandy shores with some picturesque sunset? Pay a visit to Mansuar Islands. It is heaven for the ones who want to go for diving or want to have some luxurious stay. The beginners as well as the experienced divers can hire a professional instructor who will guide them throughout.


The tourism village of Arborek gives you the opportunity to get an overview about the life of local inhabitants. Interacting with them to know about the customs and traditions is the perfect thing which a visitor can do. You will be warmly welcomed with some songs and dance showcasing their culture. Tourists can look at their history and knowledge through their stories, food and crafts. By walking a bit, you can go to the coastline which is nearby. When you see the water there, you will find rich marine biodiversity.

 Hornbill Island

You can go for a special tour for hornbill watching here or you can simply just walk and look around to find them flying. The perfect sight is when you see these wonderful birds moving here and there when the sunset is about to happen. These hornbills live within a mangrove stretch of Raja Ampat.

So what you need to do is visit this place surely and observe the natural beauty around which Raja Ampat provides. Every person right from the ones who want to indulge themselves in adventure activities to the ones who want to have luxurious stay, this destination has every kind of thing for every kind of tourist. Just walk around and you will be offered some moments which you will carry back to your place.

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