Taste the Local Dishes of Himalayan Foothills Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a land of great romanticism with the rolling green hills adorned by combed tea-plantations, glorious sunsets and soulful solitary walks down to Darjeeling’s local market places. As soon as you reach the market you will be greeted with a sight of fresh line-up of produce despite the chilly weather. Sweet pineapples from Siliguri, tangy oranges, the best servings of tea with a side fresh baked biscuits at local cafes topped with an excellent view of the hills! If you are here then you must taste the local dishes of Himalayan Foothills Darjeeling.

The hills are the perfect places for all lovers of nature and art as there is nothing more inspiring than a sublime weather, where every breath you speak turns into puffs of fluffy clouds. The walks are coupled with snug hand-holding or if you are alone then warmly placed in mittens or in your solo aloof pockets! The weather is perfect for munching on steamy momos and thupka and amidst many of Darjeeling’s hilly alleyways, will you find scores of picturesque little shops sampling them in large quantities for the masses.

This popular hill station is frequented by a lot of tourists from the rest of West Bengal as well as from other states and foreign countries. So, the local cuisine here has a harmonious blend of Bengali cuisine mixed with Tibetan flavors. However, one can hope to find all sorts of cuisines to eat here in Darjeeling’s numerous cute restaurants and cafes like – Tandoori, North Indian, South Indian, Naga, Nepali, Chinese and Continental.