The Colorful World of Hemis Festival

Ladakh is a beautiful region located in north India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is known for its Great Mountain and beautiful valleys. Every year a number of tourist from all over the world come to visit this amazing place.

Ladakh is also known as little Tibet because of the greater influence of Tibetan culture here and most of the people living here speaks this language. Ladakh has always been in everybody dream places to visit. Ladakh is famous for its amazing landscape and also because of its rich culture. One of the best features on visiting Ladakh is the Hemis Festival. The great feature of this festival are

1. Hemis festival is basically a fare that last for 2 days and usually happens on June 23rd to June 24 every year. Every year the number of audience reaches a new level and this festival has now become a global festival attended by people from all over the world. Special arrangement is made by the government during this festival so that more and more people can come and visit this place and enjoy the festival

hemis festival ladakh

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2. The Hemis Festival is celebrated as a sign of victory of good over the evil and demonstrates that no matter what we do in life evil can never come victorious. This festival is a very important part of the Ladakh culture and diversity. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Buddhist community but being watched and enjoyed by people of all religion and culture.

Hemis Monastry Festival

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3. The main reason behind the celebration of this festival is the birth anniversary of Buddhist guru Padmasambhava. This two day festival is celebrated at the very famous place known as the Hemis Monastery which is located 45 km away from Leh and is also a very iconic place.

Hemis Monastry

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4. During this event people from all over the different parts of the world and also from different culture and religion dress themselves in different types of colorful and bright dresses. People believe that when the Buddhist guru Padmasambhava was fighting with the evil he was wearing a very bright and colorful dress.

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5. People during this festival wear different kind of masks and sing and dance in griou to demonstrate unity and strength. The unique masked dance performed by Lamas is one the best attraction of this festival.


Hemis festival is a must for any individual who is planning on visiting Ladakh around the month the June as this festival is only celebrated during that time of the year. There are many things that you can enjoy in Ladakh but this one is worth seeing. Some other things that are unique in this festival are:

6. There is a unique exhibition of pearls and very precious stones every 12 year of the Tibetan calendar. The last time when this exhibition took place was in the year 2004.

7. There is a wide variety of local cuisine being made during the festival which is just icing on the cake.

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