Things To Do In Alleppey – 10 Interesting Activities

When the name Alleppey comes into your mind, the first activity that you would think of is backwater and related activities. Unfortunately, for many, this is the only activity that is present in Alleppey. Let’s break some myth here. It has many interesting activities apart from backwaters.

This article will talk about the top ten activities that every tourist should do in Alleppey.

Things to do in Alleppey

To begin with, Alleppey is a land of backwaters in Kerala. It is also called as Alappuzha. Starting from lagoons to palm fringed natural canals, this place is a paradise in country side. It is about 62 km away from Cochin. This place has beaches, lagoons, rivers, canals and many other natural beauties except forest.

1. Backwater Houseboat Cruise

As stated before it is known for its backwater related activities. People usually hire houseboat or cruise to enjoy the backwaters. The houseboat is a traditional boat in which you can spend a day or two as you sail through the backwaters. You can enjoy the paddy fields near backwaters, palm trees and other attractions.

Alleppey Backwater Houseboat

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You can also spot many birds and a lot of ducks in the water. If lucky, you can spot fishermen using Chinese Fishing nets. If you are looking for a romantic time or special time with your family, houseboat ride on Alleppey backwaters is the best thing to do in Kerala. Backwater cruise is also available during prime tourist season.

Fisherman in Kerala Backwater

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2. Sunset at Pozhiyoram

Pozhiyoram is a small beach that is not very famous for water related activities. Thus, the beach is usually calm. You might spot a boat or two once in a while. Very few people visit this beach and thus, alone time is guaranteed. The main element of this beach is enjoying sunset in peace. You can spot the river joining the backwaters from this beach. The beach is very small and has a rocky shore. Water is very ferocious near the rocks. Avoiding the rocky area, you can have a peaceful swim in the ocean and enjoy the sunset as the orange ball of fire plunge into the ocean in the west. If you are a photo enthusiast, you can take wonderful pictures during sunset as silhouetted fishing boat on the sun setting beach make a good photo. Alleppey beach is also an important destination for tourist activities.

Sunset at Pozhiyoram

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3. Ayurvedic Massage

If you are visiting Alleppey in early winter or during rainy season, Ayurvedic massages are very common. Specialists use oils from various rare medicinal plants that grow on the mountains and help in reducing stress, anxiety, body pain and many other problems. There are many modern spas where you can get this massage. But, if you want a real authentic massage, try the traditional massage centres. There are different types of massages for different problems. You can choose one or let the specialist choose one for your problem. There are a few people who offer massages on the beaches too. They might not be authentic.

Ayurvedic Massage in Alleppey

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4. Uduppi Breakfast

If you are a foodie person, you ought to enjoy the traditional Kerala food in a Uduppi hotel. The top item to enjoy are Puttu, Vada and chickpea curry on a fresh banana leaf. The cuisine would not be too spicy. All items will have a coconut flavor in it. Banana chips and fried banana coated with dough (pala appam) are the specialty of this place. There are a lot of Uduppi hotels in and around Alleppey. Try to choose a reliable one by reading reviews.

Traditional Kerala Food

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5. Visiting Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace is an 18th century palace that was built for Marthanda Varma. The palace that you see here will not be like the ones that you would have visited in other places. Though it is a palace, it has tiled roofs like hut. It is an authentic and traditional palace of Kerala.

Krishnapuram Palace Kerala

Inside the palace, you can find many rare sculptures, exquisite ancient paintings, mural paintings and many others. The most important attraction in this palace is the Gajendra Mural which is 11 feet long. It is the largest mural in the state. This palace is a little away from the heart of Alleppey.

Gajendra Moksham Mural Painting

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6. Sweet Milk Porridge at Ambalapuzha Temple

Ambalapuzha temple is an important Krishna temple in Kerala. It is also called as Dwarka of the south. Though it is an important pilgrimage spot for Hindus, a lot of other people also visit this temple. The pond in the temple is the most interesting attraction. This temple has many mural paintings. Another top specialty of this temple is the food that is offered to the God and devotees. The Ambalapuzhapalapayasam (porridge made of milk) is a tasty and unique dish that you can enjoy here.

Ambalapuzha Temple

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7. Picnic at Marari Beach

Nothing says relaxation than a picnic on the beach sand sheltered under palm trees. You can enjoy a similar beach picnic at Marari beach. It is a very quiet beach and is known as a spot for picnic and beach strolling. You can also enjoy sunset and sunrise here. The water is safe and clean for swimming and other water related activities. There are a few resorts on the beach. But, if you are look for an economic way of enjoying this beach, organize an evening picnic where you can enjoy sunset as you rest on the beach sand.

Marari Beach

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8. Visiting Karumadikuttan Statue

Since Kerala is a coastal area, many religions flourished in India through Kerala. One such religion in Buddhism. You can find 10th century Buddha statue at Karumadi. The best time to visit this granite statue of Buddha is during sunrise. The orange sky and the silhouette of black huge standing Buddha will be mesmerizing and photogenic too. The Karumadi village also has many paddy fields and inlet water irrigation system which are very pleasant to watch in the early morning when the fields are drenched in dew drops.

Karumadikuttan statue

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9. Swarovski Crystal Collection at Revi Karunakaran Museum

ReviKarunakaran museum is a unique styled museum that has items of ReviKarunakaran family. He was a collector of art works. You can find a lot of old and rare art works here. This includes Swaovski crystal collection, crystal wares, Tanjore paintings, mural painting, ivory works, antique furniture, porcelain wares and 1948 Buick Super. There are more than 3000 items in this museum and it is a unique styled museum that you ought to visit.

Swarovski crystal collection at ReviKarunakaran museum

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10. Watching Snake Boat Race

In Alleppey, during Onam festival, a traditional boat race is conducted. Snake boats are slender and long boats that accommodate 20-50 people in it with oars. People race to the finish line and it is an interesting and lively action to enjoy. It takes place on the second Sunday of August, every year. A lot of locals and international tourists participate and watch the event.

Snake Boat Race in Kerala

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11. Watching Elephant Parade

If you are visiting Kerala during January, do not miss the 10-day festival called Adoor Gajamela. More than 100s of elephants will take part in this parade. Each elephant will be decorated with jewels and other ornaments. Each elephant will have a rider who holds an umbrella for the animal.

This is the most exciting festival of all and thousands of people visit Kerala just for watching this festival. Other interesting festivals are temple car festival of Chettikulangara temple in February, temple festival of Sree Krishna swamy temple in March, Church festival at St George church in April, Moolam boat race in July, Onam festival in August, dance festival in September and Christmas in December.

Adoor Gajamela Festival in Kerala

There are a lot of other activities in Alleppey like visiting the massive oil lamp in Cheeti kulangara Bagavathi amman temple, enjoying Pamba river and Edathua church on its banks, Pandava rocks, Pathiramannal lake, Achankovil river and Ayyappan temple in Achankovil.

It is a beautiful place and people of all age group can enjoy all activities in this place. No matter when you plan your journey in Kerala, this place will be at its prime beauty. But, not all activities will be available throughout the year. If you are looking for the prime season, visit the place during rainy season or winter season (October to March).

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