Top 10 Places For Honeymoon In Asia

Once the day of vest and dress is over, it is time for a beautiful, warm and romantic vacation. Whether you choose quaint time, cultural attraction or adventure, Asia has got it covered.

Here are the Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations in Asia.

1. Bali

Located in Indonesia, this island is famous for its scenic beauty, exotic beaches, rain forests and cultural activities. You ought to enjoy the cuisine of the land. The place suits all eco-friendly lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Top romantic activities to enjoy in Bali are

  1. Moonlight dinner near Ayung River
  2. Trekking in Ubud
  3. Gourmet picnic in the valley of Ubud
  4. Sunset cruise
  5. Water activities like snorkeling, swimming, water scooter and others
  6. Underwater cruise in a submarine
Dinner Near Ayung River in Bali
Dinner Near Ayung River in Bali

2. Thai Islands

Thailand has the best tourism structure that can be enjoyed only in a few other destinations. God crafted this destination basically for honeymoon. You can enjoy a quiet vacation and submerge into beautiful nature with your partner.

Top romantic activities to enjoy in Thai island are

  1. Cruise on private speedboat
  2. Bamboo rafting
  3. Sensual couples’ massages
  4. Watching movie under the stars
  5. Swim along sea horses in Similan Islands
  6. Playing with elephants at Anantara Golden triangle
Playing with elephants at Anantara Golden triangle, Thailand
Playing with elephants at Anantara Golden triangle, Thailand

3. Borneo

Borneo is a paradise for anyone who is looking for a colorful honeymoon. Walk into the rainforest for a private honeymoon as you explore waterfalls, enjoy beaches and trek through unknown terrain

Top romantic activities to add to your bucket list are

  1. Trekking in forest
  2. Playing with orangutans in rehabilitation centers for the monkeys
  3. River tour on a boat
  4. Exotic activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and others
  5. Bath in natural hot springs
Borneo River Tour Boat
Borneo River Tour Boat

4. Sri Lanka

Located south to India, this small island is marked for its interesting culture, noteworthy sightseeing spot and a relaxed ambience.

Top couples’ activities to enjoy in Sri Lanka are

  1. Turtle beach walk
  2. Candle lit dinner on a private beach
  3. Cruise on the Indian Ocean
  4. Hot air ballooning
  5. Madu river boat ride
  6. Helicopter ride
  7. Snorkeling
Candle Lit Dinner Srilanka
Candle Lit Dinner at Srilanka

5. Maldives

The smallest country in Asia has more to offer than many other destinations. Attracting more than 600,000 tourists every year for its beautiful scenic spots, water activities, honeymoon resorts and others, Maldives is one of the exotic honeymoon spots in the continent.

Top romantic activities to enjoy are

  1. Exotic water activities including scuba diving, snorkeling and others
  2. Night trip to the glowing beach
  3. Luxury cruise
  4. Coconut palm timber boat ride
  5. Couple’s massage
  6. Fishing
  7. Island surfing in a seaplane
  8. Dining at underwater restaurant
Scuba Diving at Maldives Honeymoon
Scuba Diving at Maldives

6. Darjeeling

If you are looking for a hill station honeymoon, Darjeeling is the champagne of destinations for honeymoon. Located several hundred foot above average sea level, this hill town is famous for its exotic theme.

Top romantic things to do here are

  1. Picnic at Tiger Hill
  2. Toy train ride
  3. Ropeway travel
  4. Stroll through tea garden
  5. Walk through Love Road
Tiger Hill Darjeeling
Tiger Hill Darjeeling

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7. Beijing

Beijing is not just about business and industrial development. It is a cultural paradise for honeymooners. You get to enjoy an exotic vacation doing things that you might not be able to experience elsewhere in the world.

Top oriental romantic activities to enjoy are

  1. Boating on the dragon boat
  2. Horse carriage tour
  3. Private candle lit dinner
  4. Night visit to Shicha Lake
  5. Circle lake island trip
Boating on the dragon boat, Beijing
Boating on the dragon boat, Beijing

8. Tokyo

Tokyo is an ultra-modern honeymoon destination. If you want your vacation to be filled with technological advancement and blissful nature, this is the right place to visit.

Top romantic activities to enjoy in Tokyo are

  1. Stroll through Ueno park
  2. Tokyo Summerland for a day’s outing
  3. Night visit to Tokyo Skytree
  4. Garden strolling and mermaid boat ride at Inokashira Park
  5. Dome city visit for shopping
Tokyo Skytree
Boating on the Dragon Boat, Beijing

9. Andaman

Out of many exotic island destinations in Asia, Andaman has the Hollywood styled attraction that can create a filmy theme for your vacation. You can enjoy all water activities and beach picnic here.

Top romantic activities to enjoy in Andaman are

  1. Inter-island helicopter ride
  2. Water activities
  3. Beach picnic and sunset dinner on the beach
  4. Tropical forest hiking
  5. Little Andaman Lighthouse visit
Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon
Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon

10. Macau

Macau is Asia’s Las Vegas. With casino, hotels, stunning hangout places and much more, this is an exotic romantic destination to visit.

Top romantic activities in Macau are

  1. Romantic canal drive to recreate Venice
  2. Suzhou garden stroll
  3. Cable car ride and visit to Guia lighthouse
  4. Visit to the cultural village of Coloane Island
  5. Visit pandas at SeacPai Van Park
Pandas at SeacPai Van Park, Macau
Pandas at SeacPai Van Park, Macau

Enjoying a memorable honeymoon is not just about hotels and restaurants. It is about the style of vacation that your itinerary can project. Choose exotic destinations that are once-in-lifetime opportunity. It is the start of something special in your life and it is important to make it memorable.

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