Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations of India

Marriage is when two souls unite together and make up a beautiful bond. It is when they promise to be there for each other in the worst and the best of times, it is when they embark on an exploration of the infinite love. It is said that marriages are made in heaven then why not give a perfect start to it with a blissful experience. And we suggest that a honeymoon tour in India will be an ideal option which could give you best of the best memories to cherish for the whole of your life. India has myriad destinations which have been blessed with the best of nature’s bounty and which make perfect honeymoon destinations for newly-wed couples. With so many destinations there, a problem of choice arises. So here we have brought to you a list of the top ten honeymoon destinations in India to make it easier for you to choose the best place for your honeymoon tour:

1. Mesmerizing Kerala Backwaters Cruise

The paradisical scenery of Kerala is such that it qualifies to acquire the top spot in our list of the best honeymoon destinations in India. An overnight cruise in the Kerala backwaters gives you the perfect set up for an eventful honeymoon tour. No experience is as beautiful as having a romantic dinner with the love your life while sailing on lovely calm waters under a glittering star-studded sky! The backwaters lined with tall palm trees and ornamented with pure white lilies complete the edenic look of the place which sets it apart from the rest.


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2. Pure Love at Darjeeling

Experience the love that is as pure as innocence in Darjeeling. Spell binding sunrise scene above white snowy peaks definitely is the highlight of the trip and one should never miss out on starting the day in the arms of your love watching the sun ascending in the sky. You can also enjoy each other’s company while out on a shopping spree in Darjeeling or you can take a stroll through the lush green carpeted tea estates in here. Visiting the Buddhist monasteries and seeking blessings from Lord Buddha for a happy and fulfilling life is something what every couple does when in Darjeeling.


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3. Love in the Air at Munnar

Munnar which is situated in Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is a lovely hill station and a gateway to escape from the hustle-bustle of the busy city life. A couple can spend time together in their private space while gazing on to the endless manicured tea plantation acreages from their hotel balcony. Splendid valleys of Munnar are a plus factor which attract honeymoon tour seekers here. What more is offered more by this place is the pristine atmosphere that brings with itself the much required freshness.

Munnar Honeymoon Kerala

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4. Regal Romantic Retreat at Udaipur

Called as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is a destination which is famous for its regal hospitality as the royal Rajput clan had dwelled here in the olden times. Also known as the Venice of East, this place doesn’t look less of a paradise as resorts placed alongside the lakes give the feel of a heavenly abode. Sightseeing tour in the city of Udaipur adds to the grandeur of the honeymoon stay as majestic palaces are discovered. What is much liked by the couples is a romantic boat ride through the picturesque lakes here.

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5. Playing Around in Goa

Explore the playful side of your better half at Goa cause it is a perfect place to let your hair down. Engaging in some adventure sports is what you can put in your itinerary. And we say what can be better than enjoying the amazing nightlife of Goa together! This state being famous for its sumptuous beaches figures among the best of the best honeymoon destinations of India. For the ones who want to unlax, taking a quiet walk along some not-so-famous beaches with your sweetheart is the best thing to do as it gives the partners quality time with each other. Also relaxing and sun-bathing at the sun-kissed beaches is a very good option.

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6. Idyllic Pleasure of Kashmir Valley at Srinagar

Bathed in white snow so pure, Srinagar in Kashmir valley is a beautiful place to be at with your honey. The strolls along mall road, the quiet evenings spent together, the tea talks, every experience is just spectacular. Many hotels have specially designed comfy honeymoon suites for newly married couples who can enjoy each other’s company away from the outside commotion. A shikara ride is strongly recommended to feel much love or we say just looking at the beautiful Dal Lake and enjoying the reposeful surroundings can work wonders for both the lovebirds!

Kashmir Honeymoon

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7. In the Lap of Nature at Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a lesser explored destination as compared to others present in this list but it is not at all behind in any sense when it comes to a honeymoon tour. This enchanting place deserves several applause as it offers a pleasant refuge to couples who look to plan their honeymoon tour somewhere in Southern India. The time spent in recreation activities here like long walks, exploring various gardens in the vicinity of the hotel, golfing at the luxurious Golf club is surely going to be memorable for both the partners.

Kodaikanal Panoramic View

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8. Romanticism Personified at Shimla

Shimla is another hill station in Himachal Pradesh which is a hit among honeymoon tour goers. The atmosphere here is pristine and one would not stop appreciating the health promoting environment of this place. Sometimes fog over the green forests looks like clouds have descended to the earth making it look like heaven. Romanticism personified is thus the right phrase for it because mountains capes of Shimla give an impression of a paradise. Some couples also try out on very simple hiking to add a dash of adventure in their honeymoon tour.

Shimla Himachal Pradesh for Honeymoon Suggested Tour : 6 Days - Shimla Manali Tour Packages

9. Explore Scenic Lakshadweep

Lying in the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep is a group of islands which serve as an exotic location for planning out a different kind a honeymoon tour. A scenic view is the hygiene factor for any place to qualify as a honeymoon destination and here in Lakshadweep the beach cottages are the most romantic tourist residences for couples as they stand alongside the turquoise coloured waters of the sea. Adventure sports like scuba diving are very popular in Lakshadweep. The star attraction for couples is yachting in the deep blue sea.

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10. Put Yourself at Ease in McLeod Ganj

Relax, lay back and spend the days basking in the ever tranquil environment of McLeod Ganj with your beloved. Being one of the finest honeymoon gateways, McLeod Ganj is a small peaceful town having houses with sloping roofs giving the view of a quite visually pretty place. The people of McLeod Ganj are very welcoming and are very good hosts, most of them belong to the Tibetan community. This is the reason why McLeod Ganj is also called the Little Lhasa. Adding to the lovely aura of this town is the characteristic Tibetan food!

Mcleodganj Himachal

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