Chiang Mai City, Thailand

Do you want to take a break from your hectic schedule? Are you willing to visit the best place? Then, considering Chiang Mai Thailand is a great option to spend your vacation. Plenty of things are waiting for you that you can experience in Chiang Mai. Right from jaw-dropping nature beauty to Lana culture, the tourists have plenty of things to explore. Henceforth, do not miss this opportunity mainly when you have the option of visiting Chiang Mai Thailand.

Several Thai and foreigners come to Chiang Mai to explore its beauty. The tourists can perform numerous activities at Chiang Mai that include worshipping the Phra That Doi Suthep. It is categorized as the prestigious landmark of Chiang Mai. If you are seeking to visit Chiang Mai Thailand, then the below-mentioned information is fruitful for you. This information reveals a list of places to explore, points, to explore, and so on.

About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is also known as the Chiengmai. It is categorized as the largest city in northern of this nation after Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima. It is situated on the Ping River that is a major tributary of the Chao Phraya River. In addition to that, it is located nearer to the center of the fertile intermontane basin at an elevation of 11,000 feet.

This city served as the economic, cultural, educational, transportation center, and religious for northern Thailand and neighboring Myanmar. In addition to that, this city is a blend of the firm culture. Chiang Mai is known for its center of Thai Handicrafts. Numerous villages are located nearer to Chiang Mai, and they are known for crafts.

These crafts include silverwork making pottery, wood carving, umbrellas, lacquerware, and so on. Visit the alluring ad breath-taking alternative of the Thai Capital. You will indeed find the picturesque downtown. Not only this, but you will experience the fresh air and cool climate that will surely make your trip complete. In addition to that, you have the option of a short bike or scooter ride.

Henceforth, make your trip to Chiang Mai excited with the scooter ride. The tourists enjoy a visit to a historical city named the "Rose of the North." So, start your journey with pay obeisance to temples located in Chiang Mai, further enjoying the scenic views. These panoramic views add glory to your trip for sure.

Best Points to Why to Visit

When it comes to visiting this city, you have a long list of reasons. These reasons make it a perfect place for tourists. In addition to that, tourists have the golden opportunity to visit the indigenous tribe mainly if they follow ancient customs and traditions. Moreover, here is a list of some reasons behind visiting eh Chiang Mai.

Cool and Pleasant weather

Due to the peak of the mountain, its weather is cool and pleasant. In October and November, Chiang Mai is cool and amusing with a light breeze. In the daytime, the temperature is 30 degrees. Further in the evening or after the sunset, it drops to 10 degrees. To a large extent, it is the best time for visiting.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival November 

If you have free time in November, then you should visit this place. It is because Yi Peng one of the most prominent festivals that are organized in November. The majority of tourists mainly visit in November to become a part of this festival. All they do is release the lighted lanterns in the sky and make a wish. In other words, you will get a magical experience.

Rich History and culture 

Chiang Mai is the best place for a history lover to explore. It is the house of temples that date back to the 13th century. Even, do not forget to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. It is a great tourist attraction, and you will surely enjoy staying. In addition to that, you can perform several activities such as rent a motorbike, hiking up the mountain, and so on.

Animal Sanctuary 

Not only for the history lover, but it is an ideal place for animal lovers too. Chiang Mai has an elephant sanctuary mainly for the retired elephant. Give the one day of your trip to visit the elephant sanctuary. You have the option of playing, bathing, and feeding. Do not forget about the Chiang Mai night safari.

Delicious Traditional Food

For the food lover, Thai food is waiting for you. Try the mouth-watering Thai food. Try the most famous dish, that is Khantoke Dinner". In addition to that, you also have the option of trying the Khao Soi, which is a traditional dish. It is a coconut and curries flavored soup that consists of yellow egg noodles and chicken.

Not for these reasons, but you can become a witness to natural waterfalls. The information as mentioned above makes it a perfect place to visit for tourists.

What to Explore 

The spiritual capital of Thailand that is Chiang Mai has elephant conservation parks, old temples, etc. You will get a long list of places that you can explore for sure. All you require is quality of time and inner peace to visit all the situated places in Chiang Mai. Apart from it, here is a list of some sites that you can explore.

Wat Phra Singh

It is considered as one of the essential highlights of Thailand that are situated in Chiang Mai. Moreover, this oldest temple is a significant tourist attraction. You will observe the white and golden part of the temple that was built in 1385.

Bo Sang Umbrella Village 

Do not forget to relax in the shade of plenty of colorful umbrellas. The incredible painted fans and umbrella attract several visitors towards it. In addition to that, Bo sang umbrella village is famous for the excellent handicraft products.

Wiang Kum Kum 

The attractive countryside area completes your trip for sure. You can explore Mon scriptures on stone tablets, pottery, earthenware, and so on. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is ideal for the history lover in Chiang Mai. Henceforth, add this place to your wish list whenever you visit Chiang Mai, explore it.

Elephant Conservation Centre

This center was introduced in 1993, which is a Government-owned organization. It has 50 gigantic mammals. The tourists have the opportunity to feed and bathe them. In addition to that, the elephant may be able to play musical instruments and paint. You will surely enjoy it when the elephant is playing an instrument and so on.

Dol Innthanon National Park

Do not you think that you should add some adventure to your trip to Chiang Mai. All you need to do is explore this National Park. You can enjoy the view of the sunrise and waterfalls. If you visit this place in December and January, then you may enjoy the full bloom of Siamese Sakura.

Apart from these tourist attractions, you can visit Turtle Island and many more prominent places in Chiang Mai. 

Best Time to visit the Chiang Mai 

The best or perfect time to visit Chiang Mai is between October and April. At this time, the weather is cool and pleasant, which makes your trip ideal.

In the end, do not forget to take a camera with you to capture the beautiful views of Chiang Mai. You will surely learn several things about the culture of Chiang Mai that flourish your knowledge too.