Why visit Phuket City

There are several reasons to visit Phuket city. It offers several attractive things to its visitors. When you decide to choose Phuket as your traveling destination, then you should know about the reasons for visiting Phuket city. In addition to that, here is the list of reasons that will clear your answer of why for sure. 

Old Phuket Town Explore the town as much as you can. It is a popular activity for tourists to do. You can gather knowledge about the history of Phuket. Owning to it, you will come across several interesting facts about this city. Even its history is a blend of ethnicities and religions like Chinese, Indian, Muslim, etc.

The tourists have the opportunity to explore the lifestyles of their local masses. In addition to that, you can try some local food too.

Ko Racha and Ko Mai Thon 

Ko Racha is the composition of two islands. These two islands are named the Ko Racha Noi and Ko Racha Yai. Moreover, the second one is covered with a white sandy beach and crystal clear water. You have the opportunity to visit the paradise of tourists.

Laem Phromthep 

Laem Phromthep is situated at the southernmost point of the island. The breathtaking scenery grabs the attention of the tourists. Be a witness to a most beautiful sunset. You can take some beautiful pictures at this location as a beautiful memory of your trip. The view of this location will set a particular place in your head.

Stay at Sri Panwa

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When you consider Phuket, then you will never find a shortage of luxury hotels. Even you have the great option of Sri Panwa.  You will surely enjoy the best settings and view of the Andaman Sea. In addition to that, you cannot resist yourself taking plenty of pictures. It is also a great reason that you should visit Phuket.

Discover near secret beaches

The tourists will never find the shortage of beaches. Right from significant to remote, you will have plenty of options. You are free to choose any of the beaches to visit. If you have an interest in seeing the most secret beach, then you can also do this. There are several personal ways to visit Phuket. It includes freedom beach. If you do not like crowded beaches, then it is perfect for you.

These are the significant reasons to visit Phuket. Apart from it, you also have the opportunity of enjoying the cocktails at the prominent rooftop bar. Moreover, you should add this activity to your ‘To Do’ list. 

Must Visit Places 

Without visiting some of the best places in Phuket, your trip is incomplete. The tourists have the option of visiting the most famous sites in Phuket. So, it would help if you never missed an opportunity of visiting the below-mentioned places.

Trick Eye Museum 

The most exciting place where you can experience the imagination of Augmented Reality is Trick Eye Museum. You will find yourselves in an entertaining world that is a blend of beautiful sound and light effects.

Phuket Bird Park

Are you a bird lover? If yes then it is the most exciting place which you can visit. This bird park covers an area of 12 acres. Nature lovers will surely love this place. You will get the best experience. So explore the Phuket Bird Park for getting a new adventure. In addition to that, this bird park is a house of more than a hundred species that belong to South America, Asia, and Africa. It also consists of natural waterfalls. So, you can visit this place too

Patong Beach 

It is an ideal place for the shopaholic person. If you are one of them, then you should visit it. There are various shopping centers and stalls which you can explore. All you need to do is whenever you visit Phuket, then visit Patong Beach.


This theme park is the major attraction of Phuket. It is influenced by the rich cultural history of Phuket City (Thailand). The special effects of the Fantasea grab the attraction of the tourists. You can enjoy acrobatics, aerial performance, and so on.

Surf House Phuket 

It is a house of different types of surfers in the city. You will get an unforgettable experience from the waves and cutting via the waters. It is a great adventurous place to visit for sure. 

Apart from these places, you have the option of visiting Patong box stadium, Wat Phra Thong, and so on.      

Best time to visit Phuket

According to the majority of travelers, the best time to visit Phuket city is November to February. So, you can visit this city during this time. The tourists will surely enjoy the beauty of Phuket at this time.

In the end, do not forget to visit the ideal places in Phuket. Make your wish list and plan your trip according to it. With the planning, you can enjoy each place.  

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