Bandhavgarh National Park Tours

Bandhavgarh National Park is a fecund vegetated forest which was once the hunting grounds for Rewa royals. Today, it is one of the tiger reserves with aheavy density of royal Bengal tigers. Apart from the national animal of the country, the park holds 22 mammals and 250 bird species.

The park gets the name from the ancient Bandhavgarh Fort located up on the cliffs. Today, it is a trekking spot, but once it was a symbol of power and control. Tourists flock this park for elephant, canter and jeep safaris today. Apart from cliché safari, this park is also famous for trekking, cave exploration, and others. The park has been a part of Indian culture since the ancient times. The park has been mentioned in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. Bandhavgarh Fort was ruled by Lakshmana, the brother of Ram, according to mythology.

Do you want to spot tigers during your vacation? It is best to choose jeep safari early in the morning and right around sunset in the Tala region. If you want to enjoy watching animals from close quarters, you ought to ride on the back of an elephant. The park has three gates and each gate is best for viewing certain types of wildlife. Thus, it is best to have a guided tour during your vacation. This is where our collection of Bandhavgarh Tour itineraries will come handy. These itineraries focus on certain type of activities, safari, or specific regions to fine-tune your visit to Bandhavgarh National Park. If you desire, you can choose a holistic Bandhavgarh tour packages covering every element of the park too. Scroll through the list and choose the package that suits your requirement.

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