Top National Parks in India : Sightseeing, Attractions, Itinerary

India’s diverse landform and natural environment have endowed it with numerous scenic and wildlife rich regions. Thanks to the Mighty Western and Eastern Ghats, Himalayan Mountain and other lush regions, the India is a land of amazing wildlife wealth. India has more than 166 national parks, today. This might not look like a big number but, in 1972, there were only five. Do not just think about Jim Corbett, Ranthambore, Periyar National Park and others. There are numerous lesser-known parks and sanctuaries, which hold many interesting activities and exotic animals.

Indian National Parks are famous for animal spotting, exotic safari trips, natural sightseeing, photography, bird watching and much more. Below is the list of top national parks of the country. Do not assume that all these parks hold elephants and tigers alone. India is more than just snakes, tigers and elephant. You can find many exotic animals like Himalayan blue sheep, Asiatic lion, leopard, panther, deer, mongoose, bear and so on. You can find a lot of local birds and migration birds from Siberia and other regions.

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