Panna National Park Tours

Panna National Park of Madhya Pradesh spreads through Chhatarpur and Panna districts. This is the fifth tiger reserve of Madhya Pradesh, but is more famous for its bird population. This park has received several recognitions for being one of the best managed parks of India. Apart from the birds and tigers, the place is famous for deer, wild cat, antelope, black buck, and others.

The park is primarily a thick teak forest with gorges beautifying the place. The foliage has thick cover of eccentric flora. The gorges and the waterfalls add more beauty to the park. This is why most of the tourists prefer boating as much as safari in this park. Once it was a private hunting area for rulers of the surrounding regions, and later, this park joined up with the Gangau sanctuary in 1981 to become the Panna Park and then, a tiger reserve. According to mythology, this park is one of the areas where Pandavas spent their years of exile.

The park has varying landscapes and each landscape is home to certain types of animals and birds. If you are visiting in winter, you can spot numerous migratory bird species too. How are you planning your vacation to Panna? Do you want your vacation to cover as many animals and beautiful natural spots as possible? Do you know that the open grasslands are best for spotting nilgai, chinkara, deer, and others. The valley regions are famous for sloth bears and lush forest regions are famous for spotting predatory animals.

Below is the list of top itineraries covering different regions of Panna tiger reserve and also fusion Panna Tour itineraries combining Panna with other unique destinations of Madhya Pradesh and surrounding regions.