Corbyn's Cove Beach, Port Blair

Corbyn’s Cove beach of Andaman is popular for its unspoiled and pristine beauty.The beach is a prominent tourist spot in the Archipelago that has been attracting flocks of tourists every year from across the globe. Fringed with tall and lush coconut palms, the mystical surrounding of the beach is a sought after destination for wanderlust souls. The sight of the sparkling white sand and turquoise blue water rejuvenates the mind and body.

The beach provides an ideal spot for family getaways, romantic evenings, adventure activities, and relaxing sessions. It never disappoints its visitors for the ample opportunities it provides them to get engaged to.

Things to do in Corbyn’s Cove Beach

  • Relaxing : Simply spread your mat and lie down while you get soaked in the sunrays gazing the breathtaking view of the ocean and the sky. The serene and tranquil environment lets your mind and body unwind and relax.
  • Sunrise and sunset : Corbyn’s Cove beach is popular for the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise moments. Since the beach is open throughout the day for visitors, you can hop in early in the morning to catch the glimpse of the sun rising from the horizon. After spending your day, you can have a view of the stunning sunset when the sky turns exceptionally colorful.
  • Photography : With picturesque natural views, the beach serves as a wonderful destination for photography enthusiasts. You can click some ravishing pictures and work on your photography skills. Then, flaunt those pictures in your photo album or social media platforms.
  • Snacking : There are plenty of restaurants near Corbyn’s Cove beach that serves sumptuous ethnic cuisines and snacks. Or you can relish over a hot cup of coffee in one of the cafes there.

Adventurous Activities in Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Visitors can indulge in the following adventurous activities at the beach to satiate their adventurous souls:

  • Undersea walk : undersea walk lets you go for an underwater tour on the ocean bed to explore the corals and marine life. You need not have any knowledge of swimming or diving. All you need to do is wear a round helmet with a transparent visor, which is attached to a special apparatus for breathing.
  • Kayaking : Kayaking is a popular water sport at Corbyn’s Cove beach. It is done on a kayak with a double-bladed paddle to get your kayak moving. Though you don’t need to be an expert swimmer or diver, you should have good physical strength to keep rolling the paddle in the high tide. With life jackets and helmets, you are all good to go.
  • Swimming : Swimming is always a favorite time pass for the swimmers. To swim in the pristine blue sea has the charm of its own. However, swimming is not recommended during the late evening as the sea witness high tides.
  • Jet skiing : Jet skiing is done one a high-speed motorboat. This thrilling water activity requires special training and experience and not recommended for kids.
  • Scuba diving : Scuba diving is a sought after water activity in Corbyn’s Cove beach. It is a great way to explore the rich marine life. However, you need to have basic training and guidance for indulging in scuba diving. A guide will be there for you throughout.

Nearby Attraction of Corbyn’s Cove Beach

There are many places nearby Corbyn’s Cove Beach one must not miss to explore:

  • Samudrika Marine museum : This museum on marine and aquatic life is situated just at a distance of 7.6 km from Corbyn’s Cove beach.
  • Anthropological Museum : The popular Zonal Anthropological Museum that exhibits the life of the ethnic tribes of Andaman is just about 5.9 km from the Corbyn’s Cove beach.
  • Rutland Island : Rutland Island is located in South Andaman district comprising of six villages. These villages serve as ideal tourist spots. Rutland Island is known as a paradise for sea lovers.
  • Chidiya Tapu : Though reaching Chidiya Tapu will take around 40 mins from Corbyn’s Cove, a visit to it is a must to have a glimpse of various species of migratory birds. This island is a part of the emerald island.
  • Snake Island : Located in close proximity with Corbyn’s Cove, Snake Island is rich in exotic marine life. The island is also popular for being home to deadly snakes.

Tips for visiting Corbyn’s Cove Beach

If you are visiting the Corbyn’s Cove beach, the following tips will come handy:

  • Do not forget to carry your sunscreen lotion for you do not want to harm your skin while basking in the sun.
  • Carry enough cash with you as relying on nearby ATMs would not be a good idea. Moreover, you might not get the option to pay through your card for necessities.
  • Carry important medicines if needed. There are no medical facilities near the beach. You will have to come back to Port Blair in case of any medical emergencies.
  • Many islands in Andaman are still lacking in terms of good mobile networks. Your active mobile connection might not work actively there. Try to take an extra sim that has good connectivity in the area.
  • Do not litter here and there. It is our duty to keep our environment clean as responsible citizens.
  • Carry enough water. Always try to carry your own water bottle as it reduces plastic consumption.
  • Do not forget to carry swimsuit, sunglasses, an umbrella, an extra pair of clothes, and a camera.

Visiting Timing Corbyn's Cove Beach

The beach is open for visitors throughout the day. However,it is highly recommended not to visit the beach during the night due to high waves that pose risk to the lives of the visitors especially children, as they like to run around and play.

Best Time to Visit Corbyn's Cove Beach

The heavenly beach is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year. Be it in the winters, summers or monsoons, your trip to Corbyn’s Cove Beach will always be magical. Couples prefer visiting the beach mostly in monsoon to have a romantic getaway with their spouse as the weather becomes utterly romantic. Moreover, being an off-season, everything becomes cheaper during this time. However, if you are an adventurous soul, monsoon is a big No No! The best time is considered to be the winter season that is from October to May with the temperature being within a tolerable range with water activities going on in full swing.

How to Reach Corbyn's Cove Beach

From Port Blair

Corbyn’s Cove Beach is situated at a distance of just 8km from the city of Port Blair. First, you have to board a train or flight to Port Blair to visit the beach. One can also reach Port Blair by bus from different cities. Once you reach Port Blair, Corbyn’s Cove Beach is just 20 minutes away. You can take an auto rickshaw or a public bus. Private taxies are also available for going to the beach. Motorcycles are also available for hire.

From Havelock Island

The distance between Havelock Island and Corbyn’s Cove Beach is somewhere around 67 km. The best way to travel to Corbyn’s Cove from Havelock is by hiring a private taxi as there are not many transport facilities. However, private taxis are a little expensive. Another way to reach Corbyn’s Cove from Havelock is by first travelling to Port Blair from there. Many government and private ferries run between the two ports that take you through the stunning sea.

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