What to Wear in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a moderate climate during most of the months. Unless you are visiting during the peak monsoon season, the climate is pleasingly warm and humid.

Are you planning to pack for Andaman? Here is what you need to pack and what to wear in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In January

This is the month for a holistic vacation. You could be spending time at both beach and land activities. Thus, you need to make sure that you are wearing comfortable yet decent clothing. The locals in the region are quite conservative.

Thus, if you are taking part in their festivals, it is better to wear decent clothing covering up to knees. Wear sturdy shoes and thick shoes as you would be walking a lot. January is a cold climate and this does not stop UV rays from hurting your skin. Thus, do not forget to wear sunscreen.

In February

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Light cardigan or cotton material clothing would be a good choice. Pack both flip flops and trekking shoes. Sunscreen is a must and pack beachwear if you wish.

Although February is a dry month, rare rainfall is possible.

Thus, carry an umbrella with you. February is also the month of strong breezes. Thus, make sure to wear sturdy caps or they would fly off your head.

In March

Wear loose and comfortable dresses. People prefer to wear short clothing to avoid getting wet when they play in the water or enjoy beach activities. Cotton is the most preferred material.

Wear dresses, which can absorb sweat and dry easily. This helpsto keep you comfortable throughout the trip. Wear cap and sunscreens to avoid the harsh face of the sun.

In April

The climate is considerably hot and humid. Thus, stick with cotton dresses. Denim or leather dresses should be strictly avoided as they tend to stick to your skin due to humidity. Wear a lot of sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

Swimsuits are usually preferred but, you can also find tourists in semi-casual dresses too. Wear flipflops for beach activities.

In May

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The climate will be at its highest peak. Loose and airy dresses would be perfect was all kinds of activities. Wear an ample amount of sunscreen and use protective wears like eyeglasses, caps, bandanas, and others. Avid travelers prefer to wear fully covering dresses to avoid uneven tanning. Full-sleeve dresses are preferred to protect skin from the sun.

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In June

This is the monsoon time of the region. Pack raincoats, umbrella and other protective gear. Wear waterproof shoes with better grip. The early monsoon has very high humidity and thus, make sure to stick with cotton dresses.

The land regions will be muddy and filled with puddles. Thus, it is wise to avoid white dresses.

In July

This is the peak monsoon season and it is also the time for insects. Thus, pack a large tube of repellent with you. Humidity will still be at the pinnacle and thus, wear cotton clothing and have a jacket in hand, to use when it gets cold occasionally.

Do not miss a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. If possible, buy waterproof sunscreen lotions. Wear thick shoes that cover your legs completely.

In August

Winds are stronger and you might experience extreme weather during this season. Thus, thick clothing with a raincoat or other accessories would be essential.

Wear waterproof shoes and pack an additional shoe and a couple of more pairs of socks as your clothes will get wet frequently.

In September

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Rainfall is common during this season and thus raincoat or umbrella is required. Humidity will be very high and thus, stick with cotton clothing. Just because it is rainy, it does not give you the luxury of skipping sunscreen lotion. The southwest monsoon winds bring heavy rainfall during September.

Winds are stronger and thus, make sure to pack a few more clothes as you would get drenched more often than you would imagine. Wear thick socks with high-friction shoes as the place turns muddy and slippery.

In October

October is a calm month and the beginning of the tourism season. Wear light clothing and loose dress. Wear comfortable open-style shoes for beach activities. Pack thicker clothing for evening and night activities.

A simple cap or hat would keep you away from the sun. If you are wearing beachwear, make sure to pack an ample amount of sunscreen lotion.

In November

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November will be pleasingly warm and humidity will be comparatively lower. Wear breathable clothing during the day and a light sweater in night. If you are willing to enjoy beach and water activities, you can stick with shorts or beachwear.

In December

The days are warm and the nights are cold. The wind will be mild and chill. Wear cotton clothing in the day and thick clothing in the evening. Wear a cap or hat and sunscreen lotion throughout the day.

Always carry a few additional clothes and an extra shoe with you. You will get wet more often than you imagine. If you forget to pack anything in the above list, don’t worry as the island is packed with stalls where you can buy these accessories.

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