10 Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman is a heaven for those who love nature. Starting from turtles to mesmerizing mountains, this place has everything to offer a nature enthusiast. Here are the top wildlife sanctuaries to visit while you are in Andaman.

1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Located little away from Port Blair, this park covers 15 islands spreading for 281 square kilometer. Out of which, 220 square kilometer lies underwater. This park covers beaches, tropical forests, creeks and marine ecosystem.

You can find many colorful sea animals starting from small fishes of coral reef to salt water crocodiles. The forest region is famous for its bird wealth. Some of the exotic birds to spot here are Andaman Teal, Tern, Reef Heron, white-bellied sea eagle and others.

2. Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary has a beautiful ambience with deep blue lagoons, white sandy beaches and lush mangrove rainforest. This ecosystem has its wealth in fish and coral species.

You can also find a few mammals in this region. The best time to visit this sanctuary is between November and April.

3. Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a famous nesting place for leather-back turtle, Olive Ridley turtle and Green sea turtle. The sanctuary is just 6 square kilometer in area. You can also find many birds and butterflies in this region. The most commonly spotted mammal is spotted deer.

4. Mount Harriet National Park

This park is the right place for those who love some outdoor time with trekking and hiking. This park is 47 square kilometer of nothing but tropical evergreen forest filled with amphibians, reptiles and small mammals.

5. Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is famous for its population of elephants. This region is protected for the welfare of the elephants.

Apart from the tusked friend, you can spot many other animals here like civet, three-striped palm squirrel, wild pig, spotter deer and others. The park is also rich with colorful birds.

6. Saddle Peak National Park

Saddle Peak is the highest elevation in the region and the forest area around the elevation spreads for 32 square kilometer. This place is famous for its wealth in flora and fauna. The park is famous for many trekking trails, which are of moderate to easy difficulty.

7. Rutland Island

This island holds a large tropical evergreen forest and a few streams. The best part about this park is the beaches.

The beaches of this island are famous for marine turtle walk. This is the mating place for the turtles and you can find many exotic birds like Imperial pigeon Andaman teal and others.

8. Lohabarrack Salt Water Crocodile Sanctuary

This sanctuary is protected for the preservation of saltwater crocodile. The sanctuary spreads for 100 square kilometer. Apart from the crocodiles, you can spot many different species of flora and fauna. To add to the beauty, the sanctuary is filled with tropical evergreen and mangrove forest.

9. Barren Island Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a small island region, which is famous for its unique ecosystem developed by the volcanic activities. The island is uninhabited and is famous for its population of unique animals which are developed for the harsh ambience like bats, flying fox, rats and a small population of goat species.

You can also find coral garden underwater, which is explored by scuba diving from a ship.

10. Dil Sanctuary

Located on James Island, this sanctuary is famous for six-acre pond, which is a nesting ground for numerous marine species and birds. There is a museum and educational center inside the sanctuary.

Apart from these there are numerous sanctuaries in the island of Andaman. Make sure to choose the right time to visit these sanctuaries to enjoy the prime beauty of the land.

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