5 Best Honeymoon Resorts in Wayanad

Wayanad is the kaleidoscope of scenic beauty. The most vibrant place of Kerala, Wayanad is one of the most common honeymoon destinations for locals and international travelers. Starting from tea estates to backwaters, this place is a fusion of different styles of natural beauty. The only way of adding more beauty to this destination is choosing a romantic accommodation.

Here are the 5 best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad for a romantic vacation. These resorts are chosen for its exotic list of romantic activities provided exclusively by the hotel for its guests alone. These activities determine the level of luxury that you would be enjoying during your vacation on Wayanad. Our list has the iconic resorts that provide signature effect to honeymoon vacations.

1. Windflower Resorts and Spa

This is a heritage decor resort and spa located in the middle of lush green rainforest with a background of misty mountains. Located in the Vythiri region, this resort holds exotic view of tea estates and Mountain View from the balcony. Apart from the nature factor, the resort provide honeymoon packages that include exotic activities for couples.

Iconic romantic elements to enjoy this resort are

  1. Candle light dinner facilities
  2. Private Jacuzzi
  3. Romantic tea plantation walks
  4. Exotic activities like bamboo rafting, kayaking and others offered by the hotel management
  5. Wellness spa for couple’s massage and other treatments

This resort is iconic for the romantic natural decor that surrounds the hotel and the height of service provided inside.

Windflower Resorts and Spa, Vythiri

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2. Chateau Woods

Located along the Attamala forest region, this resort is famous for its strategic location surrounding it with plantations. The resort is famous for the enchanting view and grand service, which has served the resort with numerous awards and recognition.

Iconic romantic elements to enjoy this resort are

  1. Day picnic facilities near the private waterfall of the resort
  2. Fishing and other activities in the lake close to the resort
  3. Cliff cottage for luxury honeymoon travelers
  4. Pleasing valley view from the balcony

The resort provides honeymoon packages that include many romantic activities and services for the couple throughout the vacation.

Chateau Woods Wayanad

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3. Vythiri Village Resort

Famous for its luxury level in terms of décor and exotic activities, this resort is famous among honeymoon couples who want to be pampered throughout their vacation. This resort holds many outdoor activities that can rekindle romance for any type of travelers.

Iconic romantic elements to enjoy this resort are

  1. Couples massage at in-house spa
  2. In-house pool for private time
  3. Houseboat for a romantic sailing time
  4. Pool villa for luxury travelers
  5. Exotic natural view from the balcony
  6. Relaxed fishing within the facilities of the hotel
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4. Tranquil Resorts

This is a style of resort, which provides a royal look to your stay. Many interesting activities and facilities of this resort keeps you closer to the nature as much as possible. Famed for its honeymoon activities, this resort is an iconic honeymoon destination for local and international couples.

Iconic romantic elements to enjoy this resort are

  1. Guided birdwatching excursion
  2. Plantation tour for a romantic stroll
  3. Treehouse accommodation for a unique honeymoon experience. Some prefer choosing garden room to enjoy the aroma of wild flowers in bloom.
  4. Surrounding spice and coffee estates for visit

This is one of the few plantation resorts, which keep you surrounded by lush greenery throughout your vacation. Choose the right season to enjoy the plantations at their prime beauty.

Tranquil Resorts, Wayanad

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5. Sharoy Resort

If you consider that location and amenities make a perfect stay, this resort is the Narnia for your honeymoon. With numerous amenities starting from gym to lake view dining area, this resort has pushed its boundaries to provide a luxury romantic stay. This is also the resort with many outdoor activities tailor-made for couples to spend more time doing exotic activities.

Iconic romantic elements to enjoy this resort are

  1. Visit to Banasura backwater for bamboo rafting and houseboats
  2. Romantic villa stay for luxury travelers
  3. Tribal village visits
  4. Safari to Chembra Peak
  5. Trekking routes around the resort for a perfect lone time
  6. Lake based activities
  7. Tribal archery games for guests upon request
Sharoy Resort Wayanad

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Most of these activities will be at prime beauty only during the tourism season. This is because most of the activities are closely linked with the nature. If you were visiting during off-season, you would be enjoying limited set of activities.

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These are not the only resorts available in Wayanad. You can find resorts with varying luxury level, which provide signature services and interesting activities for honeymooners. Choose the most expensive resort does not always ensure an exotic stay. Choose the resort with numerous activities in the menu.

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