Best Places to See Tigers in India

Declaration of tiger as the national animal of India and launch of Project Tiger are the testimonials of the fact that tiger is of very much importance to India when talking about biodiversity. Due to a vigorous tiger conservation project going on in here and their population becoming stable, India has emerged as a top tourist spot for tiger safari. There are protected national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which house these tigers which is the reason why they receive a heavy tourist traffic.

If you are also planning to embark on a tiger trail tour then consider the following destinations in your likely places because these are considered the best and most famous for tiger safari:

1. Bandhavgarh National Park

There are bright chances of spotting the wild cat walking through the Bandavgarh National Park that is why it occupies the top spot in our list. It is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and the reason why there are bright chances of spotting a tiger are because of the high population density of tigers. There are numerous other wild species that can be found here. Some examples are chital, sambar, nigai and leopard.

Bandhavgarh National Park

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2. Ranthambore National Park

The second best place for a tiger trail tour has to be Ranthambore National Park due to its scenic locations accompanied with the population of tigers. This is a well protected national park which receives a lot of visitors. Cherry on the cake is that history buffs will also get to see a fort inside the national park area. Some of the very famous predators are also found here like leopards, hyenas, jackals, crocodiles etc.

Ranthambore National Park

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3. Kanha National Park

This national park is also located in Madhya Pradesh and has the distinction of being the largest national park in the state. One interesting fact about Kanha National Park is that this is where from Rudyard Kipling drew a picture of his famous writing ‘Jungle Book’ in his mind. Flora species like sal and bamboo whereas fauna species like Royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bear, barasingha grace the land of Kanha.

Kanha National Park

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4. Jim Corbett National Park

Named after the wildlife conservationist- Jim Corbett, this is the oldest national park in India. Only some of the portion of the national park is actually open for the tourists to see. You can take a jeep safari inside the park which will give you some chances to spot tigers and other animal species like barking deer, chital, langur etc. Flora species present here include Jamun trees and Sal trees.

jim corbett tiger national park

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5. Tadoba National Park

This park is situated in the state of Mahrashtra and significant tiger population is found here that is even more than Pench National Park. While taking a jeep ride inside the national park, you can easily spot a tiger around Tadoba lake (especially during summer season). Apart from being rich in animal species, Tadoba National Park is also famous for its mind boggling number of avifauna species.

Tadoba National Park Tigers

Coming to India for a wildlife safari is an experience of a lifetime. Along with spotting tigers, you can also get to see some interesting species of animals and plants that you would have never come across. Trust us, the adrenaline rush going through your veins will give you an unmatched thrill!!

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