A Complete Guide to Travel from Delhi to Kathmandu

Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is the gateway to Nepal Tourism. It is the largest municipality of the nation and is known for hosting the headquarters of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Delhi to Kathmandu is a popular trip from India, though many people prefer to travel from Varanasi to Kathmandu. Below mentioned are the best options of traveling from Delhi to Kathmandu.

Flights from Delhi to Kathmandu

Though expensive, the quickest and easiest mode of traveling from Delhi to Nepal is by air. There are different airlines such as Indigo, Air India, Jet Airways, etc. which are operated on the route of Delhi to Kathmandu with full service and low cost, having departures throughout the day. The flights from Delhi to Kathmandu offers much lower prices than the flight fares from Varanasi to Kathmandu. Expect to pay around 6,000 rupees ($ 89.629). Taxes will also be included in the fare. The travel duration to Nepal from Delhi is about an hour and a half.

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Trains from Delhi to Kathmandu

Traveling to Kathmandu by train from Delhi is the most economical way. The train journey to Kathmandu, Nepal will begin from Gorakhpur, in Uttar Pradesh. There are some trains that run from Delhi to Gorakhpur. You will need to board the train early in the morning because the duration required to reach from Gorakhpur to the border is 3 hours.

Keep it in mind that the operation of day buses to Kathmandu gets stopped in the late morning. If you miss to board a bus in the morning, do not worry! There are overnight buses as well that start in the late afternoon and in the evening but you will miss the pictorial scenery, if you take this late hour journey as it require more time to get there. Then a bus or a shared jeep can be taken to reach the border of Sunauli, from there take another bus or shared jeep for Kathmandu. Bus fare from Sunauli to Kathmandu is around 500 rupees and above.

Bihar Sampark Kranti SF Express (12566), Sapt Kranti Superfast Express (12558) and SHC Garib Rath (12204) are a few trains that will help you reach Gorakhpur from Delhi in duration of about 11 to 13 hours. The fare of the sleeper classes of these trains begins from 510 rupees ($ 7.615) to 3,475 rupees ($ 51.893) of AC coaches.

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Buses from Delhi to Kathmandu

A direct bus service from Delhi to Kathmandu was launched by the Delhi Transport Corporation on November 25, 2014. This Air-Conditioned luxury bus has the arrangement of 2X2 comfortable seating. This luxury bus is operated from Dr. Ambedkar Stadium Bus Terminal, located near Delhi Gate. The journey of this bus starts daily at 10 a.m. from Ambedkar Stadium Bus Terminal. This luxury Volvo bus passes through Agra and Kanpur to reach Sunauli border in Uttar Pradesh. It will take around 30 hours to reach Sunauli border. The fare of this Volvo bus is 2,300 rupees ($ 34.328).

Important Information

1. Documents Required

Travelers need to carry valid Passport and Visa during the journey. But Indians and travelers of Nepali Nationality need to carry their valid Photo-Identity proof such as Passport or Voter Identity card issued by the Government authority in order to visit Nepal.

2. Packaging

It is recommended not to carry valuables like jewelry, excess cash, or other precious things.

3. Restricted Articles

Do not carry objectionable articles such as match-boxes, acids, poisons, fluids, compressed gas, inflammable or explosives which are prohibited by law.

3. Violation of Law

If any traveler is found violating the laws, he/she will be judged by the law of the nation.

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Points to Remember

  1. Do not litter the places you visit.
  2. Do not make the streams dirty by throwing waste materials.
  3. Use kerosene or gas instead of wood as fuel during camping.
  4. Displaying affection publicly is not allowed.
  5. Wear proper and decent clothes and do not expose.
  6. Do not carry away the religious objects from the pilgrimage sites.
  7. Take permission before photographing any native.
  8. Do not dress scantily or wear footwear while entering the temples, monasteries, shrines or any other sacred sites.
  9. If you wish to go for trekking then go along with others.

Hope this information will help you travel to Kathmandu from Delhi in a convenient way and make you aware of the do’s and don’ts that you need to know being in the cultural land of Nepal.

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